Watch the hot clip of curly rose showing her new gift (VIDEO)


Through her Instagram account, Cheerleader Kerly Ruiz gave her hottest side with a Bikini to show off the great results of her surgery.

By Miami Daily Newspaper

The former Irrael Gomez stressed that pRoasted Year without Protests and Being "Planita"Something that didn't bother her, but that math and later the daily training changed the shape of her breast, which made you take the "hard decision".

Instagram users took the publicity of the publication and opened a debate about what their body looks like. Since The model would have a strict training planTo get a more defined figure.

However, not everything is negative, because most of the comments from the social network of photos pointed to The Miami based Venezuelan people are viewing an Eievii figure.

Also, the model also took the opportunity to launch a wink to add more heat to the season.

Did you like Chile's change?

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