Venezuela armada against Canadá | Lider and Deportes


The balloon selection is the list for the four quarters that can be spent on the Mundial

AVN | CARACAS.- Venezuela has a history of history with four. The national balloon selection, directed by Fernando Duró, is now a Canadian-American victory that can be used at the World Cup 2019.

The new one is present on the tablet of José Joaquin's "Papá" Carrillo, in the Miranda Park, commanded by the captain José "Grillito" Vargas and other baseball teams of the year 2015 in Canadá at the FIBA ​​Américas Campeonato.

David Cubillán, Grégory Vargas, Heissler Guillent, César García, Dwight Lewis Padrón, Elder Giménez, Jhorman Zamora, Pedro Chourio, Luis Bethelmy, Miguel Ruiz, Néstor Colmenares, Windi Graterol and Grégory Echenique.

If the quinteto criollo gana, Venezuela disputed the culmination of its historic history, from the 1990s editions of Argentina, United States 2002 and Japan 2006.


This is the first time that the National Selection will be infringed on Canada. En los último tres años, ambos quintentos se han medido dos veces. The first phase in 2015 and the second in 2017.

In the Palacio de los Deportes, in the Federal Republic, Mexico, has been in charge of the pre-Olympics semifinal. The 11th of September 2015, Venezuela overlooked the 79-78th Canadá and a party that is defined in the free space zone over the final segment.

Windi Graterol announces the departure depot of 20 points, in which Néstor Colmenares and John Cox signed the proposal on a 6th anniversary with respect to 4, respectful.

In the aftermath of Venezuela, Venezuela has become an integral part of the NBA juggling jug.

The triune was autonomous in the final pre-Olympics, which came to attend the Argentina 76-71 escort.

Los venezolanos, después de 23 años, clasificaron a los Juegos Olímpicos (JJOO) Río 2016, evento en el que logró una victoria y cuatro reveses.

One more year, the national quintet was at midnight in Canadá in the Americas 2017. The 29th of October, the Norteamericanos have disappeared to 75-66 in the United States in Bahia Blanca, Argentina.

In Venezuela, Venezuela and Venezuela have been victims and victims, but the censors have finalized the differences between the penguins.

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