They attack Raul de Molina for comment on Adam Lopez


A comment made by the driver of the El Gordo and La Flaca program, Raul de Molina on the weight of the actress Adamari Löpes generated controversy in social networks.

And that is, during a segment with the present Clarissa Molina who participates in the reality show "Mira Quien Baila" and Tanzanian costume Tony Costa, the Dominican model has clarified that nothing has to do with partner Lopez.

After Clarissa's expressions, El Gordo made the commentary as an insult:

"So, but Toni is a little overweight women," de Malina said.

Immediate Response to Program Host "A new day"Telemundo didn't wait.

"As ridiculous as if he was so thin," one user wrote. While another said: "But what happens to Raul? He wanted to say Adamari fat, this is a lack of respect, don't think before speaking as if he were skinny.

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