They are investigating the killer motif in the Florida yoga studio


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) – Authorities have been investigating a strike shooter in Florida at a yoga studio where one man killed two people and injured five people before committing suicide.

The two victims were students and teachers of Florida State University. He also learned that the attacker had held previous arrests for women's mutilation.

Agressor background

On Saturday morning, police in Tallahassee identified the attacker Scott Paul Beierle, 40 years old. According to court records, a man who opened fire at the Tallahassee studio was previously arrested for touching women.

In 2016, the police accused Beierle of being hit and touching the women's bottom in a residential building. The records show that the charges were eventually rejected after Beierle had met the terms of a deferred criminal procedure.

Beierle was also accused in 2012 for caring more women at the Florida State University campus restaurant (FSU in English). According to the FSU police report, Beierle told the police that he accidentally hit someone, but denied that he was intentionally touched by anyone.

The attack

The attacker fired a total of six people and entered the gun on Friday after entering the scene, which is a small mall in Tallahassee, said Michael DeLeo, the chief police officer of the city, who is the capital of Florida.

The police are the two murdered individuals Dr. Nancy Van Vessem (61) and Maura Binkley (p.

I was Vessem, an internist who served as the Medical Director of Capital Health Plan, reports the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper. Invoking the President of Florida State University, John Thrasher, the newspaper reported that Van Vessem and Binkley had links to the university.

"The loss of one of our students and of one of our teachers in this tragic and violent way of destroying the Florida State University family is deeply felt and we share our deepest condolences to Maura and Nancy lovers when we pray for the healing of the wounded," said Thrasher.

The Capital Health Plan has issued a statement to Van Vessem.

"As a senior medical director of CHP, Nancy has been a leading and visionary force in our daily work, serving the health and wellness needs of thousands of families in this community. one of the most respected, inspirational and successful health professionals, "said the company.

DeLeo says the gunman acted alone and the authorities are investigating possible motivations. He did not want to tell what weapon he was using. "It's important for people to understand that there is no direct threat to the already done," DeLeo said.

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