These keys minimize the risk of stroke


Each year, some 120,000 people in Spain suffer from one of the cerebral events.

Control These risk factors, especially those High blood pressure and a healthy lifestyle, Avoid seven lifestyles, obesity or smoking, they are More effective measures to minimize the chances of suffering a strokeAccording to the president of the Spanish Society of Thrombosis and Hemostasis (Seth), José Antonio Páramo.

Every year, some 120,000 people in Spain suffered one of these events Cerebrovascular diseases, according to data from the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN), of which Approximately half will be left with sequels.

Represents The second reason for death in Spain (the first in women), The The first cause of disability was acquired in adults and the second cause of dementia.

It is produced by the Abstraction of blood flow from an artery (Thrombosis, embolism), which causes Decreased blood flow in this part of the brain. His trouble in the brain can be serious and the symptoms are very disabling.

Yours Symptoms appear suddenly and unexpectedly, And the most common are Difficulties in speaking or understanding, The Sudden loss of strength or sensitivity In one part of the body and the body Alteration of facial symmetry, As well Vision problems and headache Very deep

The majority of patients usually present A combination of some of the symptomsAnd just by experiencing one of them, even if they are reversible or transitory, is already a matter of urgency. Usually, This has a significant impact on the quality of life. For all this, the expert considers it "vital" to go to a hospital center early to limit treatment as soon as possible, as well as to take the urgency of the brain that makes In the first hour, it is easier to recover The brain functions affected.

Stroke can be ischemic (The most frequent, corresponds to at least 75% of cases) or hemorrhagic.

The First, it is due to blood flow into an artery (thrombosis) Results in a Decreased blood to the brain, Although hemorrhagic had started to break into an artery. "The nature of the stroke conditions its treatment, but speed is common denominator for all of them: every minute that goes through without medical attention complicates recovery. Insists PIAMROU.

Cardiovascular risk factors tend to be behind most strokes (hypertension, hypercholesterolaemia, obesity, cytoplasmic lifestyle), and being over 60 years old and women increasing the chances of suffering this stroke. In any case, from the Break to Stroke Association, they point out that it can happen at any age, With more risk if you have any of these factors: High blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, smoking, obesity, heart problems, and others, including life expectancy and alcohol consumption.

In fact, Remember that the incidence of stroke in young adults has increased "significantly" in recent years, Largely due to lifestyles in society. In this context, they point out that up to 90 percent of cases "Can be avoided with adequate prevention", Both in people who have not suffered so far and to prevent the recurrence of stroke, because the fact that they have suffered a stroke increases the risk of suffering a second.

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