The TSJ ordered the petros payment to offset the moral damages of the worker


02 November 2018 01:15

The Chamber of Political Affairs of the Supreme Court in Judgment 01112 ordered 266 Petros to María Elena Matos to compensate her for the moral damages and damages caused by the INIA Agricultural Research Institute.

The judgment finds that the amount of bills received for moral compensation corresponds to 266 petits, calculated at the moment of payment, calculated according to the value of the virtual currency. The current exchange rate would be 957,600 sovereign bolivar.

According to Ramón José Medina, however, the judgment is unconstitutional, as Magna Carta states in Article 318 that legal tender is bolivar in the country.

"The Supreme Court has recognized Petro as a legal currency, but it is unconstitutional, as the cryptographer has no legal basis in the Constitution to be a legal payer."

According to the abovementioned article, "the Venezuelan Monetary Unity Bolivar. In the event that the single currency is launched under Latin American and Caribbean integration, the currency subject to the treaty signed by the Republic is acceptable".

He explained that "this austere interpretation does not create different interpretations, but adapts to the law".

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