The prices of the components of the hallaca threatened the Zulska tradition


November 9, 2018 – 23:00

Photo: Xiomara Solano

On the upcoming Christmas holidays, the daily news decided to visit several supermarkets in Maracaibo to know what the prices of the ingredients halakas and a traditional chicken salad, which is missing on a family dinner every 24th and 31st December.

In supermarkets, you can find maize and olive oil for sale, between 2,000 and 3,000 sovereign bolivaras, vinegar with 975 sovereign bolivarians, earthy caramel and oregano soil between 276 to 647 sovereign Bolivars, the entire adobe has the cost of 345 sovereign Bolivarians, chopped garlic at 430 sovereign Bolivarians , and temporary for 297 sovereign Bolivarians; prices of all these products are increasing daily.

In the Super Ritz 72 in Marrakech, this week, olive groves are offered to 7.450 Sovereign Bolivars, while capers of up to 1280 Sovereign Bolivars and Dry Basins have the value of 3,850 Sovereign Bolivars. A bowl of peas and chickens from 600 to 800 sovereign Bolivarians. On the other hand, the sale of processed halak and cheese bread is between 800 and 2000 by sovereign Bolivarians.

Prices are different for salad realization. Cabbage is worth 122 sovereign bolivarians, potatoes and carrots from 300 to 2,000 sovereigns and mayonnaise to 300 sovereign Bolivarians.

Every day it is impossible for the Zulia family to prepare and obtain halak for December because traditional ingredients are too expensive because they are imported.

Zulia markets are starting to see some of the traditional ingredients of these traditional Christmas dishes, but during the shortage and accumulated inflation, prices for most of the consumed prices that were consumed, especially those earning a minimum wage, increased prices to an affordable level.

Photo: Xiomara Solano

Daniela Romero / Intern

Photos: Xiomara Solano

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