The head of Karl Garcia restores the gastronomy with Dohmi-Karloto


Mr. Trujillo

With the pleasure and conviction that the company in Venezuela and more in Marrakech are getting stronger, Zulia Karla García opened the Dohmi-Karlota restaurant on Friday at Dohma's own gastronomy school in the city.

The meeting was appropriate to see refreshed and impeccable study points where students will learn about the art of gourmet cuisine.

It also learned that the restaurant would offer breakfast, lunch and dinner with high quality in the best style of food in the 21st century and was prepared with the "passion" of cooks who were trained at the school where Karla teacher is.

The school is also called Dohmi-Karlota. This study house offers an excellent opportunity to offer: gastronomic education, baking and bartending training.

In a pleasant meeting with the media and the blessing of the priest, Master Chef Karla García was grateful and excited for this new company. "I will continue to put my Venezuela and talents that will keep the name of the country very high."

The taste of the dishes that are part of the Dohmi-Karlota menu was enthusiastic for those who then praised Karlott's renowned artisan beer, made by the same Zulia.

For the coming year, Dohmi-Spain will be opened, which will emphasize the value of good gastronomic education in the European country, the news that keeps this chef, who is very happy with passion and shows this with each proposed project.

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