The Google Feature Operator can be used in apple devices


The Lara Press | Agencies.- The company Google Is in full development of a new project, in parallel with its search engine and online advertising is Android. The name of the scheme is called "Project Fi", Was launched a few years ago, but it just worked in United States

Now this project has matured and changed its name Google PHI. In addition, there are new features in terms of supported devices as there are many More Android and iPhone models.

Photo: Courtesy

Photo: Courtesy

Google wants to expand the coverage of its operator by making many more devices compatible. The majority of Android phones will be able to use the telex sims, although it is normal to cover the coverage It will depend on the operator that Google is supported.

Google Fi uses networks from T-Mobile, Sprint and US. It. Cellular And while some devices such as Google Pixel 3 can jump between the three in search of the best coverage, most smartphones that operate under Google will use the T-Mobile, which is the largest.

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