The day that Theodore Petkoff was released from prison


Theodore Petkoff died at the age of 86. (Archive)

Sadly, he entered Twitter and read that Teodoro Petkoff was dead. A brilliant Venezuelan who recognized his mistakes in his time. This essentially contributed to the ideological debate. The debate will always be there and in which Theodore was a pioneer.

I wanted to meet Theodore, a former guerrilla, minister, writer, spiritual, journalist and "revisionist" – the left-wing opponent of Soviet communism. I thought it was the research process of the "Injection Days". I wanted to talk a lot. Unfortunately I was frightened. He did not keep this mental integrity. Lucky people who shook hands, as part of the story.

They said a lot about Theodore. They are communists and are responsible for these, the worst years of the country. But there is no one who does not say he is not honest. He never talked to chavism and ultimately he was a disgusting democrat. A ruthless man and a wonderful emotion. Tosco. Stubborn. And very smart. Rebellious and disrespectful. He is Theodore Petkoff, part of our contemporary history.

He was bold, and that was one of his great moments:

The 1966 year continued strong fighting between the guerrillas and the state. Américo Martín, who died in front of El Bachiller in the state of Miranda, was firmly opposed to the siege by Fernando Soto Rojas. In Monagas, Sucre and Anzoategui, the newly-accused Antonio José de Sucre Front, Carlos Betancourt, Américo Silva and Gabriel Puerta Ponte continued to resist. It was a difficult month for the armed movement.

By the end of the year and in 1967, with the victory of the Communist Party: "On Sunday, February 5, seven minutes later, the soldiers stationed at the San Carlos Barracks with first watchers heard the nearby noises; Almost immediately the door to the Dopa building garage opened, and Simon Nehemet Chagin's double Chevrolet truck, a sympathetic Syrian who owns the San Simon market, has left him retired, knowing that they will win the recognition and friendship of their neighbors and the army, "he notes anonymously.

"He turned the steering wheel gently and turned the trunk to the east corner of Macuro, stood a few feet away and parked in front of the soldiers, greeted him, and with childlike joy celebrated Simon's announcement:" I will go to the carnival for a while, boys. If I come back early, I get a glass. Okay? "

Pompeyo Márquez and Guillermo García Ponce were arrested after the terrorist attack on the El Encanto train. Teodoro Petkoff finished on June 17, 1964 at the San Carlos Barracks. He had escaped from the Military Hospital earlier because he was bleeding simulated. He drank half a liter of alcohol, vomited him, and went to the doctor's office. She left the seventh floor, but she was a prisoner again.

"The Syrians started again, and the speed again declined on foot, with a friendly gesture greeted the guard of the second watch, returned the greetings, and routinely like the distrust of looking into the truck: they saw Simon just behind the vehicle's carton boxes … (. ..) Chevrolet turned to the left and started at La Passora at a higher speed; Suddenly, between the green boxes and bags of vegetables, he heard an excited voice and shouted, "We did it!"

The Communists, Márquez, García Ponce and Petkoff were able to escape the San Carlos barracks for the second time. His party militants cooperated in the establishment of the Reconciliation Tunnel, which allowed the leadership of the PCV Politburo to escape.

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