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Taste forever does not recover the competitive multiplayer of the previous


Instead, ID software is committed to an exciting and familiar BattleMode.

By Mario Gmez / 5 comments

DOOM forever

Although DOOM (2016) is generally well-received by fans and specialized critics, its competitive multiplayer mode never ends, which is why we're not surprised it's not back in time. Instead, ID software will win only on this mode BattlemodeWhich was unveiled during the Bethesda Conference of E 2019.

What is missing in the DOV PvP mode three years ago? According to Marty Straton, own executive producer, "He did not have the fist components that he loved in the campaign, he did not have the protagonist or the demons in any significant way, it was a little simple." Director Hugo Martin did A similar view That shares PC gamer: "I did not have a rhythm of my own. It was monotonous from beginning to end […] There is no metagame, it is no real strategy. It is just that my is better than yours. But when you can get someone's strategy and teamwork capability, that means it's a new metameame emerging, [Battlemode] It loaded with metagame. "

The single multiplayer PvP of flavor is always Battlemode. In case you missed your ad, there's an asymmetric game mode where one player controls the Tom Slayer and two others to control dangerous demons with unique abilities. There is a proposal that is more familiar and closer to the campaign, but also more varied and rich in possibilities.

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