Samsung, Huawei, and LG want the year 2019 to be the year of foldable mobile phones: what will their use be? | Companies


2019, I could boast that the year of mobile phones is foldable. It takes several years for a precise set-up of the technology to allow the display to break off a smartphone As if it were a piece of paper, but the three biggest mobile phone manufacturers in the world, Samsung, Huawei and LG, they appear to be ready to begin with such models in the coming year. It seems to be a more advanced Samsung, which on Wednesday showed, though without details, the prototype of its future Galaxy Folding. At its annual San Francisco Developer Conference, the company explained that it has developed a display technology called the Infinity Flex Display, which will include the terminal.

The device they taught had a regular 5-inch screen, but when opened as a book, a 7.3-inch touch appears, for example, a tablet PC. This screen, according to Samsung, enables simultaneous display of up to three applications and will remember what application the user has used on a small screen to expand upon the introduction of the large screen. The first retractable galaxy is expected to reach the market in the first part of 2019, as the company said it intends to start production of the screen in a few months.

"This is an exciting concept and we hope to see folding products from different Android manufacturers. In fact, we are already working closely with Samsung on a new device they plan to launch early next year," said Dave Burke, vice president of Engineering for Android.

But Samsung is not alone in this battle. Huawei Richard Yu, the director of the consumer unit of Die Welt in Germany in September last year, assured his company that working on a fold-away mobile phone. The CEO asked why people still use laptops and replied: "Probably because the screens smartphones the current ones are too small. We will change this with the screens that will take place, "he said. Yu then assured the above-mentioned media that the terminal will be ready within a year.

In the case of Samsung, it seems that the company is testing the concept of folding mobile phones for about five years after the BBC, which says that the South Korean company's goal was to switch to Huawei in this race and launch the first smartphone of this kind. However, to the surprise of both, there was little known company that surpassed both of them.

The start The California-based company Royole Corporation presented its own phone in Beijing last week. The open terminal has a 7.8-inch screen, but it can be folded up halfway. The company said it would sell the device in December next year with an initial price of 1,150 euros. The company's executive director said that they have invested more than six years in the development of this flexible display, "it's very slim, lightweight and resistant." The screen supports as explained by more than 200,000 bending actions that would offer up to five years of use if they were folded 100 times a day, Cnet reported.

Other competitors, such as Lenovo and LG, also showed prototype phones with foldable screens, and if what is published by Venturebeat, this South Korean company, one of the largest screen manufacturers in the world, together with Samsung, intends to be in the next CES in Las Vegas , which will be held from 8 to 11 January. "The industry is very close to folding phones to become a commercial reality," said analyst Ben Stanton, a Canalys research company.

The question that many people are asking is, what additional benefit will be smartphones folding It seems to be clear: the power to have one device that you can use in the same way as your cell phone and tablet, depending on the application you want to give at any time. However, we will need to verify that this does not cause more extensive mobile users to taste accustomed to extra-slim equipment.

Without a doubt, the key will also appear if it exists use of the killer (determining the application), which adds value to these terminals and attracts them very much for the eyes of the consumer. It's not surprising that Samsung at its Developer Conference unveiled its terminal, but it is more than necessary for this group to think about how they can take better screens that duplicate their size if producers want to succeed with them. Something, by the way, would not be detrimental, given that it was selling smartphones In the third quarter of this year they fell by 6% to 355.2 million units, which is the fourth consecutive quarter of decline.

"The goal is to work together with the community of Google and Android developers to ensure that applications work properly with the phone when they are used and maximizes the potential of this new format to create an optimized compatible user experience," replied the responsible Samsung. "We are eager to see, what does this technology have? "they added. Android has already reported that this type of device will originally be supported by folders.

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