Reconstruct events where student Angela Aguirre died


This Friday this Public Ministry Carried out the reconstruction of the events where the college of Angela Aguirre, 16, was allegedly abused on March 23 during a trip to The Terekaya, An island located in the Caroni River, passing by Puerto Ordas (Bol), Judicial sources said.

The reconstruction of the facts was demanded by lawyers Danilo Jaime, Carolyn Karaval and Petra Munoz, who represent the relatives of the victim. They argued that it was necessary to explain how these events were.

For this, the seven arrested for carrying crime and testimony to them Italian Club of Puerto Ordas From where they took a trip by boat till The Terekaya.

During the entire tour, prosecutors Joselyn Mata, Reni Amundarai, escalate Alcala and Daniel's martins, as well as experts from the Criminalistic Unit of the Public Ministry, Among others.

It is worth noting that the case of Angela Aguirre, a 16-year-old girl, was a Guyanese student whose body is found on the slopes of the Karoni River in Puerto Ordas and allegedly abused by 5 people.
The site ordered to qualify Judicial Confinement of Vista Hermosa And the two women in these La Vizcaína Police Coordination Center Located in San Felix (Ball).

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