Mariem Velazco will present Venezuela on Friday


Mariem Velazco greeted in Japanese, played piano and dressed in a kimono as part of her participation in Miss International, whose final ceremony will take place tomorrow at 1:00 pm at Tokyo House.

Venezuela, 19, tries to win the eighth crown for the country that previously celebrated the success of Nina Sicilia (1985), Consuelo Adler (1997), Vivian Urdaneta (2000), Goizerer Victoria Azúa (2003), Daniela Di Giaccomo 2006), Elizabeth Mosquera (2010) and Edymar Martínez (2016). The crown would be her best birthday present, because that day will come for 20 years.

"Good morning, Venezuela, today we have a lot of fun … Just one more day is over!" Are you ready? "Miss Barinas wrote in 2017 in her Instagram account.

She has seen it as one of the favorites or otherwise that she is among the top four.

The girl from San Tomé said on the Miss Venezuela website: "My expectations are very high because I want to bring joy to my country. I feel very well and I am happy with everything I learn. I enjoyed all my activities completely and live completely All candidates were treated as real queens, and the kindness of the Japanese filled us with a lot of energy in order to reach the last night with courage. "

At a party in which 77 competitors brought gifts at auction, Mariem presented a colorful guajira blanket and showed the design of Zuliana Douglas Tapia.

The typical costume of the queen is the orchid designed by Alejandro Fajardo, inspired by the friendliness of the tropics with her vibrant flora and caught in a fashion-free fashionable dress, where the lack of a flower pet was accompanied by a rich head. Cattlies and symbolic dear jewels.
Thanks to the designer Carabobo, the typical dress that Marie will wear will be "the feminine woman of Venezuela, its purity, its sensitivity and its elegance".

The concept of national flowers was first brought by Miss Universe 2013 when María Gabriela Ísler, who won the crown of the competition in Moscow, participated.

Kevin Lillian, miss International 2017, will be the crown of his successor, will this be Mariam Velazco?

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