Maluma Concerto in Bogota: In this way, Maluma danced and sang in the main city of Trendi


It was not raining obstruction on the night of this Saturday so that thousands of people would approach Movistar Arena to view your favorite artist: Maluma

The capital of the public was more than excited after arrival, they are almost paired three years that he is not in Bogota, the concert is full surprises what did he give singing and dancing to all participants.

Around Nine at night he appeared Pretty Boy, where he opened his concert with a concert pyrotechnic games while singing one of the most controversial songs "23", In addition, he danced and greeted him greatly excited for the whole public of Bogota.

Later, after the singing of some musical milestones, such as "Vente pa & # 39; cá" and "Clandestino", paisa Presented first his guests at night, Mexican groups Reik, with which he explained "Friends with rights". Immediately, Then he went to the stage another artist guest night, J Quiles, who accompanied him to play the famous hit "Tonight ".

One of them news It was at night presence a fanwhat was it? Selected The maluma was presented to the public a different clothes, exchanged some words with his wife, He sang almost to I heard and later He kissed him

Paisa also remembered what difficult what were you? first years his Career, he is considered to be his Father and him Some lived needs, but thanks always He fought for his dreams he managed to get his own family and now I forever thank my dad for his efforts.

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Another artist who was present was Pipe No, that even blove and sing to an audience, a completely euphoric audience that vibrated and jumped to the sound "Curiosity" and "Borró Cassette", the singer again took the opportunity to bring two fans to the stage.

Paisa also presented his next visiting artists, Alexis & Fido, "Kings of Perre". They are singing together "Imagine," and then paisa left all the protagonism to his guests who interpreted it "Five letters", which has become one of the classics reggaeton.

As night, more guests They were present among them Wisin, who explained something classics and his song with Malum, too, Wolfine, koga surprised with the main public with its successful song "Bella".

Finally Maluma is closed FAME Tour in Colombia with "4 babys & # 39; wears a shirt Choice of Colombia and disappearing from the rate between a game lights, pyrotechnics, smoke and applause thousands of participants.

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