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Light exposure in sleep increases weight


Women who sleep on the TV or have a light in the room are more likely to gain weight, according to a new study released on Monday.

Published by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), the study is based on a survey of nearly 44,000 American women who have been following for five years.

Women were classified according to their level of artificial light during the night (Alan), from different sources, such as small night lights or radios, to street lights, TV or the room itself.

One of the most important findings was that women who slept with a candle or a TV in their room were 17% more likely to get five or more points in the investigation period.
"Public Health Strategies to Reduce Obesity can consider interventions aimed at reducing Alan while asleep," wrote co-authors of the study, Dale Sandler and Yong-Monol Mark Park at the National Institute of Health and Environmental Sciences, in North Carolina.

They suggested that light could suppress melaninine production, which altered the circadian rhythm and eating patterns.

Other possibilities are that light acted as a & quot; chronic pressure factor & quot; And interrupted the release of hormones, which interfere with food intake regulation, or may be another mechanism that directly affects metabolism.

High exposure to light can also & # 39; reflect a constellation & # 39; Of measurements of socioeconomic disadvantages and unhealthy habits, which may contribute to gaining weight and obesity.

Despite the study's limitations, Malcolm van Scantz, Professor of Chronobiology at the University of Surrey, said the results were "logical from a biological point of view."

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