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Kim Kardashian surprised politicians in the White House


Kim Kardashian Leaves the volatility that has characterized him to show that she is a woman who seeks a change beyond fame.

By Miami Daily Newspaper

According to the Piblimetro portal, the star of TV and activist Kim Kardashian invades the stellar. The White House This Thursday promotes efforts to help those who come out of prison get jobs and stay on track.

«Everyone wants the community to be safe, and the more opportunities we have and the support we provide, the more sure all of them will be."Kardashian West tells a story in the East.

The socially presented program of shared trains helps former prisoners receive transportation for job interviews, work, and other events.

The controversial room has a short hair with a discreet tailor suit in green, and Surprised politicians Present for their fluency and knowledge of laws.

The president Donald TramDeclare yourself a fan of Cardashian western defense and say:I guess it's pretty popular". Kardashian West, defending the issues of criminal justice, posted a video of herself on Thursday afternoon's event.

Kim Kardashian has been involved in the White House a few times to discuss issues of criminal justice reform and to forgive Donald Trump. Alice Marie Johnson That was a sentence for probation for drug-related crimes.

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