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Intestinal microbes can protect against neurological damage from infections


Madrid, July 19 (Uprice Click) –

Intestinal microbes protect against the neurological damage of viral infections, as demonstrated by a team of researchers from Utah University (United States) and published in the magazine "Elife".

The findings suggest that while a healthy and diverse microbiota is essential to quickly eliminate viruses in the nervous system, prevent paralysis and other risks associated with diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

The aim of the study was to test if intestinal microbes could alter the immune response of a central nervous system virus and if this affects the amount of virus-induced damage. To do this, they studied hepatitis virus which affects the cells of the nervous system of mice and is similar to multiple sclerosis.

After analyzing a group of rodents with intestinal microbes and another without them, the experts found that the latter had poor immune response, could not eliminate the virus and developed paralysis, while those of the first group had more facilities to combat the virus. .

"We have shown that intestinal microbes protect infected mice from paralysis by activating a specific pathway in the cells of the central nervous system, suggesting that microbial signals are essential to rapidly eliminate nervous system viruses and preventing similar diseases. To multiple sclerosis, our findings highlight the importance of keeping a diverse range of bacteria in the intestine, "the experts said.

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