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In addition to the emotions that are experienced in the stuff of these NBA, Money is also a fundamental factor in the organization and next summer 2019 There will be a clear example when several players become free agents and have multiple offers to opt for.

But who will have the best contract of all?

In the previous campaign LeBron James He was chosen when he reached an agreement Los Angeles Lakers of $ 154 million For four seasons, generating an impressive NBA, not just for the money, but arriving at a team of these Western ConferenceHowever, his arrival was expected to be of great benefit to California, but they did not expect results.

Now in the next summer, there will be names Kevi durant, kiri irving, kawhi leonard, clay Thompson, dimarkus councilins and kemba walker, A very close free agency, because all the players are staring and very appealing to any organization.

But Durant, Irving and Leonard, are the strong candidates for the top league leagues.

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A situation that will be difficult for Golden State WarriorsSince they will have to deal with their three star abrasions: Durant, Thompson and Counsels, And surely one of them does not continue in the franchise.

He has already announced his course to maintain his golden state services, 190 million Of dollarsAnd the price that really wants, but it will be difficult to cover, taking into account the fact that Durant will make the maximum contract.

On the other hand, councils, possibly one of the most accessible, because their injuries have not prevented him from demanding a better contract, but it will also be a high price to stay in. Oakland

Equipment to the Icho

Clearly, teams will try to get the services of said athletes, some will have an economic advantage while others will not.

Let's take a look at the teams that will be in this action:


The Lakers are able to reach more players than the other franchises, as they can interact with very young staff, and with a good salary budget, there are many options to sign up to attend. LeBron James.

Kevi Durant, Clay Thompson and Kai Leonard, are the main targets of California, all three of them waiting for their current teams to propose, although their plans may be in another city. Rob Pelinka Will have a difficult responsibility without it Magic JhonsonYou should try to get the best names for Los Angeles.

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Although they would also plan to reunite Irving with James, try to conquer another championship, just as they did in 2016 with the Cleveland Cavaliers.


After a very long time, those of Brooklyn They have become an attractive city for any player who has talented players and maybe with the help of a superstar, they can get very far, except the money they can offer.

The New York franchise was very interested in Durant and Irving, having his pillars for the next campaign, where they surely have a good offer to offer both stars.

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Too "Angelo Russell He will have a fundamental role in the free agency, who will not miss the move, though the network cannot plan to get rid of the base, after an excellent campaign.


Again, Durant and Irving appear to be the main objectives of these Big AppleStarred in a horrible season, they will seek one or both players to return to the playoff roles.

Betting gives the jokes a second favorite to take over "Kd""The Lakers are in first place, even the warriors are not as candidates to stay with Durant, after the events of this time with Draymond GreenPerhaps the player has already put his eyes on another club.

They also know their admiration for the walker, taking into account that the HUNRERS will not offer a juicy reward, due to the financial problems they make, and it will be very difficult for them to match or transition others more economically. The van Bronx They will look for their services.

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They even want to have the availability of the University feeling, Zion William, which would be a great acquisition for reconstruction.


The franchise of Doc RiversKeep in mind that other teams are more attractive than those in the free agency, but that is no obstacle to being able to try to sign Leonard, who has been his goal since arriving at Toronto Raptors.

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They will also offer space to Durant, so the Angelosos have signed one of the two players, allowing them to reach the championship of these players. NBA In the next fashion.

Money, money and more money

Summer 2019 Compared to the previous year, this season will be full of talented players who will be very beneficial for the various league league events.

On the other hand, other players will exercise your player option with their responses franchise, such as Green, who will negotiate with the warriors at the end of the season.

Durant is the player who has the highest interest, and signing a great playoff, you can have the freedom to demand the money you want. On the other hand, Toronto Raptors will do everything possible to keep Leonard on the squad, as the Celtics in Irving are doing. July 1 The teams will draw their checkbooks for the Evolution of their future.

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