El Periodiquito – MP accused the trafficker of 104 pounds of cocaine

A deputy accused a man of trading 104 kilograms of cocaine

The oropeza is still closed at the Carabob Court for Refugees

The Ministry of Justice (MP) has accused Víctor Gregorio Oropez Marquino, 29 years old, for his alleged responsibility for trading 104 kilos of cocaine, which was seized on September 2 at Taborda Service Station, located on the Puerto Cabello highway. -Valencia State Carabobo.

Members of the Regional Drug Enforcement Unit no. 41 and Section no. The 412 Bolivarian National Guard found a parcel of 88 cocaine jars hidden in the platform of the truck, the F-350 model, driven by Oropez.

It is assumed that the man planned a move to the state of Zulia, supplemented by Lieutenant General of the Bolivarian National Guard (ANB), Anzony Alexander Acacio Cartagena, 27 years old, continuing under criminal investigation.

25. The Public Prosecutor's Office for Medicinal Products Carabobo presented an indictment against a person for allegedly committing a criminal offense of Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances in the form of distribution and association.

The deputy requested the prosecution of the person who participated in the case on the basis of evidence supporting his allegation. The oropeza is still closed at the Carabob Court for Refugees.

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