Dominica and Bengal divided the double circle


In the first Caribbean he won 2-0 and in the second Tigar he won 5 races for 4

CARACAS.- Caribes de Anzoátegui and Tigres de Aragua, split on a two-day day, held in the quarantine Alfonso "Chico" in Puerto La Cruz.
In the first game, the Indians used a lot of collective pitching, which allowed only four hits and a timely offense to bring the bangalias 2-0. At the end of the second half, René Reyes was trying to put Willians Astudillo into the bottom corner of the goal. In the fourth episode, the same Reyes named the second tribe's entry.

The winner was Jairo Díaz (1-0), Alejandro Arteaga was defeated (2-2) and Mayckol Guaipe (4) reached the game. In the second round, Tigres de Aragua won 5-4 at Caribes de Anzoategui in 10 episodes. A single Santander Santander driver with his hair was the key to the Bengali triumph.

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