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Disney gives the first lion of the Lion King in real action


Although the box office compensates more times than others, Disney is still convinced to make remittances of their animated classics adapted into real action. The good numbers of the book of the Forest of Jon Favreau and the Cinderella of Kenneth Branagh, and especially, the tremendous success of the beauty and the beast of Bill Condon, impelled to the company to be sent to produce new versions of their films more Mythical.

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Next year, it is the turn of the Lion King, which will also administer Ion Favra, and the trailer has been relying on it as one of the most anticipated films of 2019. In the preview, released on Thanksgiving Day celebrated in the United States, we See a hyperrealistic entertainment from the beginning of the 1994 film directed by Rob Minkoff and Roger Allers. The original has become one of the most influential films of the nineties, and its remake seems ready to follow its same way.

In just a minute and a half, almost a flat decal per hour from the first minute of the Lion King of 94, we already recognize characters like Simba, who will put voice and gestures Donald Glover – also known as Chilish Gambino , And Rafiki – the actor John Kany in the new version.

What many Spanish spectators have missed is the voice of Mufasa, whose dubbing was continuous in Constanta Romero. However, some Twitter users have been on the lookout for Norteljia, and have offered a special setting with the voice of the actor, who died in 2013, as an emotional tribute.


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