Difficulty getting a passport beyond the Magna Carta


January 18, 2019 8:43
Updated on January 18, 2019 8:46

José Vicente Haro, constitutional lawyer, said on Friday that the difficulty of receiving a passport by citizens is a violation of human rights.

"Identity document is almost a privilege and many of Venezuela are subject to extortion, bribery practices, to the corruption of others who without permission and without public officials offer themselves as managers to make or sell the documents, the charging for In other jurisdictions, breaking legality, this is a typical crime, such as that in Venezuela's laws, "Haro explained in an interview with Fedecamaras radio.

The cost of the identity document is also, in the opinion of the lawyer, a violation of the country's legal system and indicated that it should be sanctioned as a crime.

"There is no money for the new amounts. We are about 3-4 minimum wages that no people in Venezuela are doing," he said, saying that the mayor means that citizens can enter and leave the national territory of work. Business, health, studies or vacation.

With information from Fedecamaras radio

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