Developers of Mortal Kombat 11 suffered from post-traumatic pressure disorder due to video violence


The Popular video game Mortal KombatIt's famous for its violence, represented in a completely natural way, which, in turn, sets the standard for the industry. However, this advantage seems to bring unwanted fruits to its creators, yet one of the developers claimed they were Diagnosed Post-Reliable Pressure Disorder (PTSD) After working in the game.

Thus, one of those responsible for the recently released Mortal Kombat 11, who requested an anonymity to protect their employment prospects, was told the Kotaku portal that over 2018, along with other animators, spent days reviewing animation work. Mighty, surrounded by Real life bloody research material To which the creators refer.

"You went through the office and a guy would be watching YouTube hanging videos, another would be watching Killing victims photosSomeone else would be watching Video of a cow killed"Says the developer.


According to the man, the developers of the game began to feel the harmful effects in their psychological state just one month after starting work.

"I would have been extremely graphic, very violent," said the developer. "I just stopped wondering to go to sleep, so I kept awake for some days to avoid sleeping," he added.

The developer finally He sought the help of a therapist, Who diagnosed them with PTD, still knew the complexities of creating the cinematic of the horrifying deaths of the characters.

The creator of the game, Netherreal, for his part, has not yet commented on the story developer, but has issued an explanation of the accusations of poor workplace conditions and Extraordinary long shiftsThat could exacerbate the impact of violent images on developers.

"We appreciate and respect all our employees and give priority to creating a positive work experience," the company wrote quoted by Eurigamer, adding that it was taking measures to reduce the crisis period.


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