Deputies demanded of Rome the arrest of RFA Ramirez


May 10, 2019 1:40 am

A group of deputies, members of the Comptroller's Committee of the National Assembly, requested Thursday, from Rome, Italy, the arrest of the former president of the State Oil Company of Venezuela, Rafael Ramirez, For embezzlement to the country, there were 30,000 millions of dollars.

Parliamentarians José Brito, Conrado Pérez Linares, Richard Arteaga, Chaim Bucaran, Luis Parra, Adolfo Superlano and José Luis Pirela signed the document formally requesting the arrest of Ramírez before the Attorney General, the Senate and the Italian Parliament.

"We require the arrest of the biggest thief and delinquency of the coffers of the PvdA, who have resigned from the country and live like a Pasha, in a lock of $ 5 million, after looting about 30 billion dollars to the National" Brito said.

He asked that the "Madame Maduras" regime not yet requested an interview by Interpol against Rummy raids, although Ramizez saw himself out of Chavez. "Tell the people the truth," he said.

He said the lasers would go with them Asset protection law product of corruption "Under the Stones". "The devils will not only have to pay for the social tragedy that they have caused in our nation, but they will have to return everything that has been stolen," he said.

Document in which they formulate the arrest of Rafael Ramirez.

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