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Conmebol dismissed Tapia after criticism from Brazil-Argentina arbitration


July 23, 2019 7:24
Updated 23 July 2019 20:00

The South American Football Confederation, better known as Conmebol, announced the dismissal of the Argentine Football Association president Claudio Tapia, as an interim representative of the FIFA Council's organization, for his criticism of Ecuadorian judge Roddy Zambrano's performance In the match between Argentina and Brazil from the Copa America this 2019.

In a letter sent to Alejandro Dominguez, president of Conmebol, Tapia wrote that Argentina was harmed by the referee of that semi-match match, in which Brazilians won 2-0. Specifically, for two decisive plays in which Zebrano did not resort to the war.

Conmebol released the measure on Tuesday after an extraordinary meeting of his council to analyze Tapia's tone and hear first-hand his "Personal Reflections." The conference was held in Luqua, Paraguay.

According to the supreme authority of South American football, the reflections question the organization itself, but also the Brazilian Football Confederation, the Copa América "and the various competitions organized by Conmebol for a set of claims of different nature."

Therefore, and given the "seriousness" of the expressions, the consebol announces that "the reluctance of Mr. Claudio TAPIA to withdraw from the confidence of the interim representation of the CONFIBOL Council for the FIFA Council".

It was also agreed to convene a convoy representative for the FIFA Council.

During his appearance, Tapia apologizes to the Council for making his position public, but did not retreat, as some might say.

Tapia, who remains the second vice president of Conmebol, has excused the former president of the Uruguayan football club, Wilmar Valdez, who was dismissed in 2018 for alleged irregularities during his administration.

In his letter to Dominguez, Tapia recalled that Zambrano's designation for the match between Argentina and Brazil was questioned by the AFA due to its "negative background."

Tapia also noted that the presence at the Brazilian party's party, Jair Bonsonaro, "aggravated" an environment that has already been marked by the appointment of the Zambrano as an arbitrator.

After the game, Lionel Messi criticized the Ecuadorian arbitration and said the Copa América was armed so Brazil could win it.

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