Burundang reappeared with reports of attacks in the center of Caracas


November 7, 2018 01:15

Burundang re-emerged on the streets of capital as an ally of criminals in the execution of robberies. Traders and residents of Baralt Avenue, especially at the height of the El Guanaban Bridge, in the parish cathedral, have shown that they have noticed how some people use this substance to easily master the potential victims who, under the influence of this drug, are losing their will and working with their own victims in the commission of a criminal offense.

The offenders use an elderly person who is used as a bait to ask for help from passers-by when crossing the street, while two people deliberately travel across a potential victim who does not know that he has just come in contact with the drug; By removing all traces of resistance, criminals closely monitor the place where they can commit the crime and cooperate with the victim, inform anonymous sources.

Burundanga, the pharmaceutical name of which is Escopolamine, is a substance used to prevent diseases of the disorders that occur in the body due to movement. Its absorption is given by ingestion when consuming food or drink, and by inhaling perfumes and cigarettes.

People under the influence of this medicine are difficult to speak, blurred vision and increased heart rate. A direct action on the central nervous system leads the person to a chemical base that leaves him in a state of complete passivity capable of accepting and executing orders without objection, the characteristic that criminals use to steal and encourage victims to perform that can harm the physical, moral or economically.

In 2013, a 31-year-old man walked near his building on Avenida 5 in Candelaria, in the city center, when men walked nearby, brushing their hands. When he met, his apartment was driven and missing a telephone, a laptop, and cash. In January Sixto Enrique Lisboa was dead in the hotel room after spending the night with two unidentified women who would provide a burundang to steal wheat flour.

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