Bitcoin today exceeded $ 6,300 and dominates 57.9% of the Crypto market


The main Cryptocurury had an increase of 9.33% compared to Friday of last week.

Good week for Bitcoin. Not only did he overcome $ 6,000 USD a couple of days ago, but today he is over $ 6,300.

When it is 7:30 in New York, the price of bitcoin is 6.300.34 US dollars. There. Dollars, 3.59% more than yesterday at the same time, and 9.33% compared to Friday last week. But, in fact, at dawn today came at an even higher price, exceeding $ 6.335.

The volume of operations exceeds USD $ 18.5 billion and the value of the capitalization market is more than $ 111 billion.

The rise of the market can lead to new actors – or actors who are in it stand by– Connect with the prices that seem to be reactivated.


It is striking that, as yesterday, the current rise Bitcoin Has not dragged the entire market to positive numbers. 44 of the top 100 cryptic crimes decreased while 56 rose. Among those who are off today, of the top ten, are XRP, YES And Binance Coin.

Meanwhile, the other currencies are up: Ether, With 1.50% increase; Bitcoin cache With 0.18% Litekin With 2.96%, Stellar With 0.83% and Cardano With 1.50%. Even Tether It has a slight increase of 0.05%.

Bitcoin has a market dominance of 57.9% today.

Sources: ConnectMarketCap And Daily MarketsBitcoin

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