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Binnans unknowingly earns rewards for Stellar stacking, adds support


BINANS has won awards for stealing in Stellar (XLM) after a change in some parameters in hot and cold wallets.

In an article published on the blog on July 18, Benance said it had unknowingly won a 9,500,000 XLM (USD 775,000 in release time) into additional XLM tokens as a result of specific parameter hot and cold wallet changes. Made a year ago. Afterwards, the exchange decided to immediately add support to XLM and share the rewards of XLM won with the entire community. The article is in more detail:

"As of July 20, Binance will support Stake's (XLM) steak." Day-to-day finances will receive daily snapshots from the XLM Balances in its Business Accounts, after which, on September 1, we will record the average balances of XML users based on the snapshots and we will complete the distribution of your XLM bet rewards. "

In June, it launched the Trust Wallet officially on its decentralized trading platform. According to the announcement at that time, Trust Wallet was planning to launch support for layer 2 payment protocols such as Flash Network in the future, as well as support for stakes.

Earlier this week, the blockbuster interoperability protocol, Polcado, introduced its "Canarian network" dubbed Kusama, which functions as an experimental version of the protocol. Kusama is supposed to allow developers to build and use a parachute or test government, stalking and other community-based functions in a real-world environment.

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