Bad Bunny retires from music, as confirmed by the trap singer

Bad Bunny, better known as the “Bad Rabbit”, intrigued us all after announcing that he would retire from music. What happened to him?

A few days ago, the also trap singer, ANUEL AA, Confirmed that he will retire from music, because in his last song printed on his social networks, he revealed that his son feels despised and alone, since the singer has spent more hours than busy with his little son.

This time, a new news in the urban genre, alerted us all after the Puerto Rican Bad Bunny, Announced the end of his musical career, after growing so much he simply showed us that he apparently can not take it anymore.

In his latest video, it is seen how he is surrounded by journalists who he informs that he has already decided to withdraw from music. Of the world “.

Obviously all his fans were alerted after hearing the news, many fearing that just as Manuel wanted to retire, Bad Bunny We just have to wait for Benito’s answers, let’s hope it’s just a scare.

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