At the end of November, BTCC will complete mining operations CryptoNews


This Bitcoin mining pool is part of the business line associated with BTCC's crypto-cum, which includes a digital portfolio called Mobi, which began in early 2017 and a USD / BTC exchange house.

The Exchange platform, established in 2011, was first known as BTC China. It was one of the oldest and the three largest in the Asian country against the prohibition of cryptococcal trading in September 2017. In January this year, cryptobolsa commercially acquired an investment fund based in Hong Kong, which, although little is known promised that the BTCC will give a bigger projection encourage the adoption of cryptocutants worldwide.

At the end of June this year, BTCC agreed to sell a 49% stake in its group, worth approximately $ 18 million to a financial services company in Hong Kong, The value of convergence economies. The agreement was not binding because it clearly showed that its terms were negotiated between the parties and could have been realized.

Last July in BTCC re-introduced his platform and announced a plan to issue his own tokens. For this date, it offered support bitcoin, litecoin, ether and bitcoin cash that could be exchanged for dollars. Expectations have shown that the offer could be extended in the coming months, depending on demand. Also Vice-President of the House of Changes, Aaron Choi, estimated that the company could be ranked in the top 10 crypt of the market.

In the meantime, in the field of cryptographic mining in June 2018 only 1.4% hashrate Bitcoin. On the mining market, basins such as, ViaBTC, AntPool, F2Pool and BTC.TOP, which account for most of the process power of the block chain, are dominated by 18.1%, 14.8%, 14.1%, 12.1 % and 9.4%, according to statistics. At present, BTCC's balance sheet power is too small to register on the website.

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