At least 10% of the Ethereal Hybrid is going to the wrong version of Constantinople CryptoNews


A portion of 10 percent of the Professional Power of Etherium has been updated to the innocent version of Constantinople that was planned between yesterday and today, and eventually expanded by a dedicated vulnerability.

According to comments on social networks, everything points to migration hashrate Or processing power to the updated version of Constantinople It's because There was no communication among all the miners Etherium Concerning cancellation of bifurcationAnd apparently that's the reason why some miners did.

According to data from Forkmon That is, the status of the ethereal network is the same hashrate Or processing power that would have migrated to that range is 93,990.9 Gh / s, around 10 th / s. However, in response to Jacob Hudson (Etherum Foundation) Michael Hahn of Mycrypto Written on reddit that An estimate was wrong:

That number is really wrong. Due to the nature of the site, calculate the average hashrate Based on the averaged 500 block values. Since the blocks have been created so slowly (one for each couple of hours), it will take a very long time to switch the different handhelds from the string.

Michael Hahn, Mycrypto.

He pointed out that What happened was somewhat expected due to the lack of dissemination of the changes in plans, And clarified the following by Reddit:

What we can do is actually compare them hashrate In the range that is not constant to see, the combination in the pre-branched range. By doing this, you can see that ~ 10-20th / s is what is really lacking in the range that is not constantinople (correct).

This was something we knew because we couldn't get in touch with all the mining entities regarding the update of the update in the 30 hours prior to the 7.08m block.

Michael Hahn, Mycrypto.

Currently in hashrate Total ether, about 180,994 th / s, according to Ethernet data, so approximate hashrate Missing in Etherum for a few hours can offer an idea of ​​the magnitude of the event, in terms of Miners communication. In addition, it strengthens the idea that Constantinople is potentially a potentially strong shareholder to share the Etheream into two block bonds.

The most pronounced variation of hashrate The newcomer registers, where a significant difference in processing power can be seen in ether from January 16, when it begins to drop to slightly more than a 10% reduction on January 17.

According to this graph, the hashrate In etherum there are 188,6374 th / s to 177,0045 th / s. At present, the indicator is around 180.0000 th / s. Source: Coinwarz.

ARICH SchoEDONON, which ironically described itself as the Coordinator of HARDFORTS in parity tech, expressed the following by Account on Twitter: "Still tells everyone to update, of course, my own node gets stuck at the wrong fork," he said.

The figure of hashrate That's supposed to be updated Constantinople According to Shellman would also be equal to 10% of the Etheream's processing power And at twice the processing power that exists in Etherum Classic.

On the other hand, Peter Todd It looks like the comparison with what we see is that in the hypothetical case of miners staying in this updated range, they can create a new blockbuster with another cryptocurrency, since there are currently two versions of Etherum: one supported by the miners Not updated to Constantinople and one supported by the miners.

As a precaution, Matt Odell, co-founder or, He urged the owners of Ethers not to carry out any transaction until the situation was clarified. In response to his tweet, he pointed out that about 40% of the burghers had left the updated range, MyCrypto team He noted the following:

Think that the average Hash rate has been extracted from the last 500 or 2000 or N past blocks and therefore is not a precise "life" representation. Only 7 blocks have been removed since the last 24 hours. Those 7 blocks occurred in the first 24 hours.


A Biggo software engineer, identified as @Truck on Twitter, said that in the last 12 hours Only 6 blocks are mined At the updated range to Constantinople (which can also be seen on the Formonth page). And he showed that probably the estimate of hashrate It is updated when the blocks are achieved.

It should be noted that Constantinople is a drug of interest The ethereal blockhead that you have Planned for the height of the 7,080,000 block, which was estimated to reach the 16th and 17th of this month.

However, on January 15th Constantinople was delayed After detecting a registry, it could be used by cyberdelicuentes. Specifically, The error would affect smart contracts, Allowing the manipulation of money for the theft. In this regard. The new day could be decided today during the Etherum developer meeting. Until then, the perfurcation was indefinitely pandoned

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