An urgent task due to the lack of water in Zulia

The state of Zulia, which was hit by the collapse of public utilities in the midst of a severe economic crisis in the country, was declared imperative due to failures in the distribution of drinking water.

Governor Zulia Omar Prieto announced on Monday a statement on the "emergency situation in the water distribution system", which deficiencies have been added to normal electricity reductions in the region.

At a press conference, Prieto asked private carriers to "accompany" the authorities to "bring water to communities" because of the shortcomings of the public system. He pointed out that in the event of a rejection, these companies could "intervene".

The border with Colombia is Zulia the most populated Venezuela country with 3.7 million inhabitants and its capital, Maracaibo, is the second most populated city in the country after Caracas.

Although this is one of the main economic centers of the Caribbean nation, its services have declined, especially in the area of ​​electricity, with major downtime of more than ten hours.

In Western Venezuela, there have been frequent electrical currents in recent years, affecting countries such as Táchira, Mérida, Trujillo and Barinas, and have recently expanded to Caracas and other areas.

Water management is equally common in the country.

According to experts, the public service crisis is due to a lack of maintenance and new investment, but the government of Nicolas Madura often accuses opponents of "sabotaging" in order to create general dissatisfaction.

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