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In view of the increase in the recent months of capitalization of the Cryptocurrency market, with a 49% growth so far this year, we are looking for 7 reasons why we think that Etherum will continue its expansion as one of the smarter platforms. Industry contracts.

1. Active wires on the rise

A year later, the number of sustained decline Active addresses (DAA Acrobatic English) has increased over the past 3 months, achieving a significant increase since it is located in the 284,000-day active addresses in April, representing an increase of 65% in its annual average of 170,000. February 10

Likewise ETHs unique addresses Continue in a fast-growing trend and at the same time They're over 60 million, with an average of 65,000 new addresses per day, In the last month. While it is true that addressees cannot be eliminated, this metric indicates increased demand and increasing use of the ethereal block chain.

2. Faster block generation and reduced inflation

The new generation of blocks Currently averaging 13.36 seconds Near the fastest in the history of Etherum. Therefore The block counts per day Has increased significantly, to almost 6,500 blocks by May 7.

The creation of a larger number of blocks brings about an increase in circulating supply, however, the rate of inflation (inflation) has remained relatively low at around 4.72% per year, notably below 26.82% and 5.2% accumulated Ripple and Litekoin.

3.- A market of attractive rates and gas at record levels

The second market capitalization currency works in the second public blockade (behind Bitcoin) in terms of market or commissions. By Messian ETH rates reached a total of USD 66,345.50 in the last 24 hours, below USD 567,041.32 in Bitcoin (BTC) and 62 times more than LiteCoin (LTC), which ranks third with a total of USD 1,068.03 per day for fares.

Too, gas, internal fees for token transactions and for the execution of contracts in the ethereal network Have reached their highest point, May 7, the figure of 49.103 million street, registered, is a sign of an increase in the usability of the black man.

On May 7, the historic maximum is reached in the gas used in Eyhereum. Image: etherscan.io.

4.-Decentralized applications exist in Etherum

Despite this, depending on the number of DAPPs integrated into the Etherium range, those that are still in progress continue to move high volumes of tokens. For the month of April, a total of 776,000 ETPs mobilized in DAPPs, astonished by the previous maximum of 765,500 ET in December.

On the other hand, The average USD value per day A discount has been presented to its US since May 2018. There. $ 600 per day, well below its maximum US $ There. $ 20,000 in June 2017. A reduction in the average transaction value can be interpreted as a greater use of the di-nitrated applications; typically, tap-off transactions are low-value, high-value transactions, which tend to lower the overall average. Transactions.

5.- Loans with Cryptographic Guarantee continue to improve Etherium

According to Data provided by Defi Total value of USD 411 million of blocked Ether in financial applications, although levels have dropped compared to last month (possibly due to the increase in stability commissions), and options for this business model are still booming. Sustained growth Since the beginning of 2018. In addition, applications such as Dharma, Compound and MarkArda Accept about 100,000 USD In secured loans, quite impressive figures for new solutions.

However, The set of ICD blocked There was also a considerable increase. Despite a number of difficult weeks for the stable cocaine or anchored cryptocurrency as a result of an adjustment in its rates, the rate of retention of Dai has not been affected, increasing substantially the last 30 days.

DAI is a sign anchored to USD that subscribes to the market-based ecosystem and is supported by the Ethernet value in its accounts. With the implementation of an intelligent contract, Dai stabilize its value against the US. There. Dollar. Therefore, this asset is closely linked to the events around the ethereal platform.

6.- Eth in the sights of companies and institutions.

The fresh Microsoft claims About the development of a The private range of blocks developed in the Ethernet network will allow more space for these assets to show the robustness of its infrastructure in front of large technology companies. This should encourage other large companies to join this growing hand in hand with platforms such as Ethics.

Similarly, The Commodity Futures Trading Commission United States (CFTC) would be interested in considering the resolution of an Ethernet futures contract with a cash settlement (something like those offered by the bitcoin cme) according to an interstate source, provided that all regulatory standards are met. This would make the Etheream the first smart contract platform to be approved by an American regulator of futures in traditional markets, giving more coverage and exposure to the kryptokrunury before institutional capital.

7 – Medium-term market optimism

Etheram has fallen 88% since its historic maximum in January 2018, but since mid-February the price has begun to land, to receive an appreciation of 46%.

Just because of the effect of the possibility of income from ethereal futures, through the CCCT, its SUBION 11.5% on April 2, goes from USD 162.22 to USD 181.12.

After its break on April 2 after 135 days of consolidation, everything seems to indicate that Etherum is ready for the start of a new upward trend, although to confirm such an argument it would be necessary to wait for a quotation above the 200-day move Average accompanied by Golden Cross, Or Crossing Moving Averages (Emma) From 50 days on the Emma of 200 days, which hasn't happened yet.

The decrease in the correlation ratio of Ethyl and BTC in Last month from 0.92% to 0.73%, May indicate that the relationship between the cost movements of one and the other may be moderating.

In all markets, the different trading pairs tend to have high levels of correlation since investors contract to market, but in market markets the levels tend to fall, resulting in more independent movements between the cryptocakes.

Finally, the degrees of accumulation are also significant in the study of a potential investment. According to ViewBase, A Tracking Platform for Tracking The Cryptocurrency Flows of the Exchange Offices have just placed Eth in the 12th position as one of the currencies with the highest departure of a cash exchange office in the last month, compared to other 119c tokens. Such withdrawals may suggest a high degree of accumulation by difficult players in the market. A more than accurate signal to indicate that this may be changing for ether.

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