Why Eagles "Jim Schwartz is guilty of" catastrophe "of the season after" spectacular "Cowboys loss


At 4-5, Philadelphia Eagles' options for the tribe do not look great. When things go wrong, people start to show their fingers and give them guilt.

Head coach Doug Pederson is ready to take the sword and take responsibility.

But WIP's Angelo Cataldi knows the real culprit and wrote about it in detail for Philly Voice:

This year, there will be no climbing, no Lombardi Trophy, no parade. This season after the first Super Bowl win in Philadelphia is officially a disaster. And in hours after losing 27-20 in Dallas in the Lincoln financial field, the focus of the fans turned to the defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, who spectacularly collapsed on national television with the season in question.

Švartz is still shouting that he is losing his job – and you will not defend any defense here. The sad truth is that it's hard to imagine the dramatic collapse of a more talented unit than breaking down the defense on Sunday night. How could a group of actors, including stars such as Fletcher Cox, Malcolm Jenkins and Brandon Graham, so venture into cold November air?

Yes, in this unthinkable defeat there were many other culprits. Coach Doug Pederson called a terrible game, especially in the first half of the year. Quarterback Carson Wentz launched a devastating trap at an early stage. The new wide receiver of Golden Tate is practically nothing in the first Eagles Championship. But do not make a mistake. The defense was a story on Sunday night.

Eagles forgot about the 27th attack on the NFL, how to hurry passers-by, forgot to cover the receivers and forgot how to cope. Cowboys was allowed to drive along the length of the field after a two-month warning in the first half of the year, and then split it completely.

To the surprise of no one – except Schwartz – Dallas repeatedly used the best three types of weapons on these drives, which define the game: Ezekiel Elliott, Amari Cooper and Cole Beasley. Schwartz's brilliant strategy was not to cover any of them in nearly every game.

In the meantime, there was no transition to talk, and not one game that lost the yard. Through all this, Schwartz rarely blitzed and did not offer anything new or different to change the Dallas attack.

The best guess here is that Schwartz will not resist on Tuesday. When it comes to defending itself – or anything else – Schwartz prefers a passive approach. In fact, it is more than any other reason, so the 2018 season is finished for eagles.

Eagles is training in a hot seat

Schwartz can offer a controversial challenge to the media on Tuesday at the NovaCare complex in Philadelphia, PA.

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