Walmart withdraws donations by Cindy Hyde-Smith after criticism

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Z Dartunorro Clark

Walmart said on Tuesday that he "seeks a refund" from Cindy Hyde-Smith's Senate campaign after the company was under pressure to move away from a public hanging note in Mississippi.

The Campaign Financing Campaign shows that on November 18, the company donated a $ 2,000 donation after the Hyde-Smith video said it would be "in the first place" if the advocate invited him to "public hanging", becoming a viral . The evidence also shows that the company contributed $ 1,000 in its action in June last year.

The retail giant announced its decision to withdraw its support from Hyde-Smith in response to actress Debra Messing, who reported on the issue on Thursday.

"Hello Debra, I fully understand your concern." Recent comments by senators Hyde-Smith clearly do not reflect the values ​​of our company and colleagues, so we are withdrawing our support and demanding the reimbursement of all donations for the campaign, "the company said in a tweet.

Hyde-Smith did not respond immediately to a comment request. However, Hyde-Smith has already denied that her "public hunger" was a warning that it was strongly disputed on both sides. Critics have warned that the comments were particularly damaging due to Mississippi's historical violence and lynching against African Americans.

On 27 November, Hyde-Smith faced an election with former African-American Agriculture Minister Mike Espy.

Her campaign was also worried to support voters' response when she announced last week on the site that this could be a "good idea" to make it difficult for some people to vote. Her action, however, quickly responded that the senator "obviously" made a joke and clearly the selection was selectively arranged. "

Then on Friday in a tweet, which was then deleted, Hyde-Smith's account posted an image that was apparently intended to prevent the episode's critique, but soon it triggered further repression.

The picture of the two students laughing was accompanied by a caption that reads: "In America it does not matter that there is still no sense in humor in America. These students were happy with Cindy, despite the fact that they tried from the state social media mislead the Mississippians. "

However, a young black man who said that he was one of the students in the photo, eliminated the senator for publishing the picture and claimed that he had published this because he was black.

"As a political scientist, I want to understand and inform each candidate, but I am not supported by Cindy Hyde Smith. I am angry," Twitter user JR Coleman tweeted on Friday. "We did not laugh at her horrible statements, and I do not appreciate this job, which would try to look like this."

Her advertising account has removed the tweet.

On Monday, her campaign was forced to return a donation of $ 2,700 to businessmen from Seattle who were charged with discrimination against Muslims.

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