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As many sports fans, I was dubious about "Tiger vs. Fill", this Friday's life pays for Sun Showdown Betwen Tiger Woods and much Mikeelson.

Why should I over $ 19.99 for a meaningless exhibition between two iconic golfers past their primes? Is not this the kind of greedy money that finally damn boxing as it disappeared from free TV?

With no spectators in shadow Creek Golf course in Las Vegas (except invited guests and associed corporate fat cats), you have to wonder what the Heck of Turner's M / R Live Report will show between the rating of four-hour event (3 to 7: 00 ET).

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But as we get closer to $ 9 million turn-win-all match, I've come around the idea. This is an opportunity to see the two biggest golf names in the head, with all the garbage-related games, games and six-side side bets you will not see on Broadcast / Cable TV.

Think Lebanon James and Steph Kerry, or Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, playing T-O-R-D-E for millions. It's Mano-a-Mano: The most elemental contest in sports. Woods and Mixson even delivered this kind of casualty at their painting press conference Tuesday that's The reduced At boxing / MMA presses.

If you do not want to buy or watch Friday's match game, it's fine, more powerfull to you. But I will.

Here are five reasons why I think the reality show that TV shows may be, as MJ would say, nothing more moisture:

Tiger Woods is back

My first reason is simple: I want to watch the 42-year-old Tiger Woods play competitive golf. Do not forget it's only a year or so ago that the world's first name was written, so he could not get away from the couch, much less to fight against mixelson and young bucks such as Jordan's spy. Well, sometimes change.

Spinal fusion surgery seems to have solved woods' back woes. The 14-day major winner rode back this time, contingent at the British Opening and Firing an Electrifying Ultimate Round 64 at the PGA Championship. Then in September, he won the Tour Championship. There is Woods & # 39; 80 PGA Tour Win – and first in five years. As Woods triumphantly stood up to the 18th fair, hundreds of fans spontaneously surged behind him.

Golf Mesiah has returned. TV ratings for the NBC's coverage of the tournament's last round surged 206 percent.

Hell, tiger fans, as we were so staring at Woods Eyes, the real Woods, playing championship golf, we're paying $ 10 just to watch it warm up on the range at Augusta National. After his Tour Championship Triumph, the Vizeguies in Las Vegas were quick to install the four-time heart winner as a co-beloved at the 2019 tournament, along with Dustin Johnson and Justin Thomas.

The 48-year-old Melixon did not have the time Woods did. But he was the longest drunk of his career with a gamble win in the WGC-Mexico Championship in March. It was its first victory since the 2013 British Open, a string of 101 worldwide tournaments.

Do not forget, Riverboat is the type of hair-rising, walk-for-reel golfing that is better suited to one day of match play as four rounds of tournament golf.

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Talking smack

For most of their career, Woods and Mixson dislike each other. Woods arrogantly held Mixston (and everyone else) be worse than a golfer and athlete.

Mixson could only pause for all the majors and tournaments he'd won, he did not play in the "Tiger Era," much like Turner's own Charles Barclays and Patrick Ewing of the Knicks can only say "What if?" About playing at the same time as Jordan.

Yes, the battling duo has melted into a friendship. But it's based on business as real love as they plan their next career actions. (They talked about possible future business ventures on Tuesday.)

Do not kid yourself. This is not Jack Nicholas and Arnold Palmer. They want to beat each other out on Friday – and every other day they are on the same course. If just waiting for it.

"It is my opportunity, after leaving so many majors to you, and so many tournaments to her, to get a little something back," a smiling mixelson told forest during the Dedicated Conferencing Conference in Sin City.

Woods quietly jerked back, noting that much ballished "rivalry" between the two was completely "jaded" to his side. He's right. Woods has 80 PGA Tour wins to the Mixtels S 43 and 14 major victories to Mixson's five.

Will bet?

In the minutes of the press conference, the two rivals have been increasingly growing: Mickelson wins $ 100,000 he'd be the 4, 415-yard first bird. Woods said to double it. With that, it's even off and running.

Golf and gambling have gone hand in hand since the sheep still stuck the left in Scotland. Golf legends from Walter Hagen to Li Trevino are hostels as well as sportsmen. The white shoe, blue blazer at the PGA or USGA try to ignore it. But the biggest golf pros frequentes among themselves, just as weekend hackers with a $ 2 Nasa. Expect their debts are much, much higher.

Both with Mikelelon and Woods like gambling. Both made clear Tuesday they are painful winners who also rub it in losers.

Over the years, sports fans have studied in dribbles and drugs about Michelson's penchant for gambling. According to ESPN, Mickelson paid off a $ 1.9 million debt "relationship to sports gambling."

Woods is also known to hit the casinos in Vegas. Sports fans have long gone to the crazy gambling stories about Jordan, Barclays and other superstars over the years.

Finally, on Friday, we should get a real window in big money bets that are rich in sports stars when the TV cameras are not watching. Mixson has the side bets among the duo to achieve six or even seven figures.

Look for them to bet on everything from longest drives to the closest to the pin. The money won / lost will come straight out of their pockets and go to the chameleys of their choice.

Tiger Unplugged?

Make no mistake: Tiger is the draw. But Mickelson is the real vendor for the PPP event and its assorted media partners and corporate sponsors.

It was Mixson, not Woods, who cracked the best jokes and gave the press to eat out of his hand Tuesday. He is funny, independent, self-depreciation. Called the event "Tiger vs. Few" rather than "Few vs Tiger" is its "first loss."

Living happiness went on Friday: "I want to be able to sit in the Masters championship locker room and talk smack."

So why should fans go over $ 20 for this exhibition, but do not go shopping for Black Friday?

Both players will be missing up. Mixson argued the event will give viewers "unique" insight. We will hear the conversations by mixing Woodland, Woods and their Caddies as they plan distance, stud placement and club selection.

Woods admitted he likes to tell Snarki comments under his breath to competitors. We've caught bits and pieces of his irresponsibility personality over the years when broadcast networks have shown him a curse badly after a bad shot. But this may be the debut of Tiger unplugged.

So cover your ears if you do not like bad language. Get ready for some F-bombs, HBO-style.

Look at sports' future?

The general idea of ​​"Tiger vs. much" is not new. Decades back, TV networks showed golf icons like Niklaus and Palmer on "The Skins Game" and "Wonderful World of Golf."

But the shows are on free broadcast television. For better or for worse, this is golf's first splash in pay-per-view. If "Tiger vs. many" banks, say, 500,000-plus buyers, look for more of the payday events. If not, the whole idea may be after birth.

Mixelson predicted the event will provide a "look" in the possible PPV future of sports. You will hear the censor, the curses, the strategy, the jokes. To Mickelson, the format will really allow viewers to get inside the ropes in a way they never did before. There will be initially gadgets of galore, including drones flying overhead. For the sports betting crowd, there will be live on-screen odds. Fans will be able to bet on their phones.

Pat Crakes, a former fox sports executive turned Media Consultant, thinks Turner has a good time and price point for this event.

Woods' first tournament win in five years catapulted him back into the public eye. Golf fans can not wait to see him renewing his search for Niklaos' record 18 major championship wins at the 2019 Masters, It. Open, British Open and PGA Championship.

Many sports fans are away from work on Black Friday and socializing with friends and family. Sure, the $ 19.99 price tag is not cheap – but it's right & # 39; Compared to the $ 80- $ 90 cost of many boxing / MMA events, said crackers, mainly from cranks media consulting.

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According to the same shame, the pressure will be on Turner to make this a good show, he warned. The media giant will have to fill the dead air between shots with compelling content about Woods and Mixson. Perhaps it should be the same type of production as it would be for a NBA television show.

If the tournament pulls more than 250,000 buyers, they will count "Tiger vs. much" a major success, Crakes said. If the first PDP event of golf is a hit, look for Turner and other media companies to ensure similar offerings for an on-demand media world. He could see an event where the American golfers take on Europe's Rider Cup. The one-on-one nature of tennis will also hip up to similar pop-up events.

"This is an experiment but it is an experiment with a lot of potential," said Crack. "Let's see what happens."

There is still so much to go on Friday. Both Woods or Mixson played poorly during the Rider Cup in France. The air can quickly leak out of the event if they stink up the lock. Or if one or the other is completely dominated by the match play format.

But during an appearance on ESPN "Pardon the interruption," Mickelson argued there's "FOMO, or" fear of missing out, "for sports fans.

Zid Mixson: "You'll be missing out on planter, on-the-go challenges, on Smack Talk, on things you never get to see on a telecast because we're wrong. So do not let FOMO get the better From you.

Espana's Tony Cornerizer joked that there is another reason to buy: it's a great way to get your family out on Black Friday.

Who said Linky is the best salem for this event?

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