The Death Of Zappos Tony Hsie: A Spiral Of Alcohol, Drugs And Extreme Nature


Two weeks before Inc. Founder Tony Hsie has died in a November house fire, one of his closest friends in Las Vegas got a phone call.

“Tony is in trouble,” the caller told Philip Palestine, the founder of an electronic dance music group that often performed with Mary. Hsie’s parties and live events over the last decade.

Mr. Plastina did not see Mary. Hsie has since hired the hired tech executive to move from Las Vegas to Park City, Utah, earlier this year. The caller asked Mr. Plastina immediately to go to Park City in hopes that he could help draw Mary. From what Caller described as escapist tendencies, including drug and alcohol abuse.

Mr. Palestine said he wrote text to two phone numbers he had for Mr. Hsie, and sent several emails, but received no response. Mr. Plastina never reached out to his friend.

Mr. Hsie, 46, died on November 27, nine days after firefighters were called to a home in New London, Country. The medical examination in Connecticut has ruled the death an accident. The Fire Department is investigating the cause of the fire.

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