Joel Quenneville deserved a good chance and he did better to score the shot from GM Stanley Bowman


Blackhawks CEO Stan Bowman is coaching Joel Quenneville poor goalkeeper, poor defender and bad progress in the season, after Hawks missed the ending point.

And then Bowman fired Quenneville because he did not win with such a worse season that was added to an indelible list that apparently banned the bottom-up score Bowman handed over.

Looks like a run-in election, huh?

The view is here, Bowman does not perform his job as well as Quenneville has done it, but the rule is that GM may not always be right, but it will always be GM.

Thus, the end of the three-time Stanley Cup champion was announced on Wednesday morning Friday, which lost the tape in which the Hawks were surprised and after 40 minutes in each of these matches.

All the people over the trainer – the owner, the president, and the GM – have offered conventional statements about what is embarrassing, unfortunately he came to this, thank you for everything he did, blah, blah, blah.

We are talking about blah, blah and blah, here are Cam Ward's goalkeeper, Brandon Manning's defender and Chris Kunitz, a trio that includes Bowman's chrome response to Hawke for the first time in 10 years.

Go ahead and win. Dare ya. There is no Quenneville. Bowman's father, Scotty, Hockey Yoda, the winner of the coach of all time, would not even win. Jeremy Colliton is unlikely, but I do not think he really needs it.

Colliton, the replacement of Quenneville, has experience in training Hawks at Rockford. It looks like a rebuilding. This is a step away from giving young players all the icy time they can eat. Hawks do not repeat themselves. It seems that the only repetition is missing in the ending.

From the trainer of the veteran, such as Quenneville, the second winner of the coach of all time, the 33-year-old trainer who was in the second year in a two-year benches for the top-class exclusive team in Hawks, says for start. He does not tell me at all.

Hawks may not pronounce loudly and could claim to be serious about this season because Colliton will be assisted by Barry Smith, a Hawkshake hockey team member and longtime assistant coach Scotty Bowman, who put Quenneville on his presence a few years ago, which emphasized , for which many thought it was a confusing connection between Quenneville and Stan Bowman.

If so, then Bowman won. This is what makes this move. This move protects Bowman's drafts. This move also suggests that there will be a number of other moves – or at least attempts – to support this, as soon as they can convince some of the big money players to renounce the clauses of any move.

Those players who can not trade without giving up their rights to say no, are just who you would think – the stars who won all those cups under Quenneville. Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews may seem an inviolable franchise that is a trademark as a hockey team, but if Wayne Gretzky could sell in this league, then offer Hawks an offer.

Yes, Quenneville had his own mistakes. Every coach. Quenneville had problems with some talented actors for reasons they might not have known at all. Quenneville could also be a prisoner of loyalty to older players who could not play the games that Quenneville reminded them to play on a regular basis.

But he won. He won three cups. He won because he was the best coach in the league and still ranks there. I hope that Quenneville will get another chance. I'm expecting him. I would say good luck to him, but he does not need it. His former crew is over.

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