Game of Thrones Time 8, Episode 5: Jaime will definitely kill the cross


In the fourth episode of Game of ThronesThe first time, one of the most frosting moments in an episode full of them came when Jaime Laneister left to travel to King's landing shortly after the two finally consumed their slow burning romance.

"The last of the Starks" saw Jaime initially plan to stay with Winterfell – a pretty huge decision for him, considering his non-harmonious past relationship with some of Winterfell's residents. But then, Jaime and Tirion received a visit from their old French sister, who had to avoid them with a crossbow, because Query put a price on their heads. Unexpectedly negotiated with the couple, extending two Swang castles into exchange for their lives. And the next thing we knew was Jaime leaving the burn in the night of death, his classic spin on his old breakaway, "It's not you, it's me."

In their male scene, Jaime relates to the fact that for most of his life, his primary motivation is to return to Certi's side – which is why he chose to leave now. Even more heartbreakingly, the episode director, David Nutter, said, "I don't really like you anymore," as the camera focuses on her face, though we don't hear him say it. Your precious reaction to hearing that is what we see as the onslaught of Jaime rides away.

Everything that sounds like a pretty sadistic approach to Nutter in terms of how the scene was filmed, Jimmy and Burn is a lot of implications for Jaime Lanester himself. He said he was complaining that he had to return to Kisei because "she's hateful – and so do I." But what does this mean? Is he going back to join you because he misses you, or because they are two of a kind? Is he going to try to think of you before she does anything to hurt his new comrades from the North, who are already going to the south to kill her? Was he going to try to protect Cersei by fighting against them?

When I first saw this scene, Jaime's motivation was obvious: he was going back to King's landing, not to reunite with Kesee, but to kill her. However, still talking to others Game of Thrones These days, since the episode leading, I've realized that it's not a general public consensus on what Jaime's plans are.

So, there are a lot of clues we can pick from Game of Thrones Find out about what to come. I'm stuck in a conflicted, redeemed, self-looting hero, not an in-estuous fuckboi, so for anyone with any doubt, all of the reasons I'm sure Jaime will try to kill you.

1) Jaime initiated Cheyenne because he was seen as Sociopathic

When joining the site seven times in the season seven finale, so he has a number of legitimate reasons. Not only did he report that he was planning to send aid to the North, and she didn't tell him that Euron Gray was in the plot – and that Euron is still looking to marry her. She also accused Jaime of conspiring against her with Tirion, telling him he would be committing treason if he joined the fight against the White Walkers. All of these underline just how much the once-hard relationship has deteriorated.

Crucially, right before Jaime left, he pleaded with cheeses to recognize that she had lost all of her allies except him – but she also rejected the idea. "I'm the only one you've left," he told her.

"There is more to come," she said, referring to or returning to Esos, or very unborn child, who may or may not. Both options are a bad news for Jaime, and it is clear that Cersei thinks – or is least acting as if – she no longer needs or wants Jeime in her life.

It is important to remember just how frustrating that conversation was for Jaime. As it unfolded, we saw him realize just how despotic it has become, and how ready she was to betray or throw over anyone and everyone who might seek her for power. None of them appeal to you even to Polish people – not even his reminder that their unborn child can be dizzying to the impending threat of the dead army.

While trying to get you to worry about saving all of her civilization, she thought of how to take one of Danny Dragons. Jaime hoped that now that Caesar had the throne, they would finally build a happy life together. Instead, she showed him just how thoroughly her entire focus had shifted to staying in power.

And delusional, single-minded power grabs? Well, that's just something Jaime – the man who killed a king because the king was planning to destroy the whole city – is here.

2) Hello, he just learned that she heard the bronze to kill him

The scene before Winterime leaves Jaime found him found that Kaysee had sent a drunkard to kill both him and Tirion. Not only does he send bronze, but she sends him – hilariously – with the same huge crossbow, which Tirion used to kill their father, Tivin, at the end of the season. The message of Cheki is sent that she looks at both brothers as you have succeeded and named Lister.

Ceii could not kill himself when he left you in King's landing in time seven. So somewhere in his mind, up until now, he was probably told that she still had at least a smattering of love in her heart for him. But shooting bronze, a man who is rewarded as Tirion and Jaime Life, with the Giant cell phone weapon, is the kind of clever aunts that Jaime knows Cheeses tends to reserve for her worst enemies.

So when he decides to leave straight after his meeting with Breezin to leave Briesne and luckily they've just found a drive back into Corey's lair, he's probably not up to the expectation that Chise will greet him with open arms.

3) Query may have nothing left to worry about except power – and Jaime may have figured out that

Cersei's supposed pregnancy is a source of confusion for many viewers. For starters, at the start of five, we saw a young woman who received a prophecy from a witch who told her she would have only three children, each of whom had already died. Although some indicate that the pregnancy she learned about the end of the season was a real thing – and that Jaime was her father – she had told Euron the baby was eight, while drinking wine, too. What she did when she was about to believe she was pregnant.

Not Svery's pregnancy is real, all of this is bad news for Jaime. When he left Kesee to hit the dead of the army at the end of the season, Jaime believes belief in the Kaysei would never kill the father of her unborn son. So, when Cronie ordered "the last of the stakes" with marshing orders (and the promise of money) from Keri to off at Tirion and Jaime, it was probably a clear signal to Jaime that the status of Kersey's pregnancy was over. Has changed. (However, it is interesting, given the fact that the two brothers are in this scene, that still believed believers were pregnant when he pleaded for Miskini's life.)

From Jaime's point of view, Chereo hiring cunt to kill him could mean she was suffering from being pregnant to begin with, or that she's had a miscarriage. Or way, Jiime understands better than anyone that without any future child in the picture, there really is nothing Cursy deals about this point, though holding on to the throne and striking down all her enemies, which makes you a threat, health, Everyone.

4) This is a prophecy in the books – One show has been referenced – What does Kaysi say will die in the hands of her younger brother

The aforementioned prophecy was given to the Chekwe by a witch named Maggi the Frog. Maggy the Frog also out in George R. Martin's A song of ice and fire Novels, in which the series is based – and in the books, the prophecy is more broad than what we saw in the five open episodes of "The Wars To Come."

In Martin's novel A feast for crows, Maggi delivers a prophecy about the Cerey beautiful queen; She also tells us that Cersei will have three children. That part was repeated practically word for word on the TV show:

But on the show, the scene ends before Maggi's final sentence in the book, which is, "and when your tears drowned you, the Valconcars will wrap your hands on your pale white throat and choke on your life."

"Waloncar" is a high valued word meaning "little brother." Kesei has always interpreted this prophecy to mean that Tirion will kill you, and it definitely declares her long-suffering hatred and mistrust. But Jaime is Too Her younger brother. Although they are twins, Cersei is the elderly – and that means Jaime may also be a candidate for the job. In addition, Cersei probably isn't thinking about Jaime as her potential killer, which makes it more likely to happen to him, as she would have no one else.

So there you have it: a pretty strong case that Jaime rides away from baskets, but to try and do what no one else can do: remove the chair once and for all.

But if you're anticipating a joyous reunion between Jaime and still burning his dead-end, it's not that fast.

The fact that Nutter told Jaime told Burnen that he no longer loves you when directing "the last of the stars" is a clear indication that Jaime believes he won't be seen again, which means he is probably expecting a hell of it. A fight to get to his sister. (Remember, it is protected from the Zombie Mountain.) The fact that the season makes his way to the chin and is able to relieve the fatal wound may well be wound up.

You may remember that he once told Bronze (in five September eight episode "Sons of the Harpy"). That he wants to die "in the arms of the woman I love." It seems he could, ironically, receive what he had hoped for sooner, and in different circumstances, as he had hoped.

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