Fort Sunday 7 Challenges Guide: Falling through floating rings, destroying trees and more (Season 6)


Recently, in the exciting time of the Fortnight world. The Halloween, Fortnitemares event has come to an end – and quite spectacular, with a one-time event that moved the players into the alternate world. After the event, Kevin's cube disappeared, and a new land mass appeared in Loot Lake. We still see the full consequences of this, but we expect the developer Epic Games to dig up the secrets of a new location in the coming weeks. During this time, there are challenges that need to be completed.

At this point everything must be different, but here is a quick example for newcomers: Every week, a new set of challenges for Fortune for players is available. In this way, players deserve Battle Stars who grow to battle and refuse cosmetic rewards. Some of the challenges and thus deviations are exclusive to those who have spent money on a paid level for battle.

The challenges of this week are quite simple. On the free side, you will have to get seven ammunition cartridges in one run, to counter 500 enemy attacks on your head and – in the context of three phase challenges – with one single hit to save 300 damage to your opponents. When you do, the next step will be revealed, the same goes for the third phase.

For those who paid for the battle, you will have to make another multi-level challenge, starting with the destruction of 50 trees. There is also a third multi-stage challenge starting with the consumption of five apples. Other challenges on this level include jumping with 20 floating rings and eliminating three opponents in Pleasant Park.

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Fortnite Season 6, Week 7 Challenges


  • Find 7 ammunition boxes in a single match (7) – 5 battles
  • Injuries to opponents (500) – 5 battle stars
  • Phase 1: Injury damage in one match (300) – 2 battles of stars

Battle Pass

  • Phase 1: Destroy trees (50) – 5 battles
  • Falling with floating rings (20) – 5 battles
  • Level 1: We eat 5 apples (5) – 10 bit stars
  • Eliminate opponents in Pleasant Park (3) – 10 battles

Epic recently introduced Fortnite update v6.22 and introduced two new limited time modes. The first LTM is Team Terror, which opposes the other team 32 with one other to collect the opposite side. However, even the blood blocks will be released from the enemies that the players fought against the Fortnitemares event.

The second LTM is Blitz, which speeds up the Battle Royale formula, so that a round of storms begins to close immediately from the beginning of the game. In addition, it will shrink more often than usual, so it should match approximately 15 minutes.

The patch also introduces a new heavy rifle. The update also laid the foundations for new NFL skins, which were supposedly scheduled later this week. If you still have the extraordinary challenges of the past weeks, take a look at our Season 6 Challenges.

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