Elon Musk tests air Tesla filters while asking how the company can help with the response to fire


Elon Musk – the same man whose company sold firefighters called "Ni Flamethrower" – wants to know how he can support relief from California.

She wants to know how she can help, but she also helps.

"If Tesla can help people in a California fire, please let us know," he may have tweeted last week, soon after the outbreak of fire in the northern and southern provinces of the country.

"The S & X model has hospital-class HEPA filters," he continued. "Perhaps useful for the transport of people."

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Many commentators greeted musk for a move. One went so far as to call Jesus Christ. But some have criticized Tesla's executive director for signaling virtue – and for his tweet, who said he was more like a coded advertisement for Teslo as a real help call.

"Strange movement, but fine," there are several tweeted more people.

The S and X Teslas models actually have an air filtration system that the company calls "Bioweapon Defense Mode". "Bioweapon Defense Mode" does not actually protect against biological weapons, as Musk emphasized in recent tweet. Filter particles of air. In other words, Teslas has built-in air purifiers.

Apparently, this is a useful feature for those affected by poor air quality caused by fire. On Tuesday, the District District Quality Management District expanded the red "unhealthy air" warning for most Bay areas, including San Francisco, Oakland and most North Bay. Officials call on residents to stay indoors.

The CEO reiterated many Tesla owners who used laser counters to test the way Bioweapon was being defended. One man shared photos your Windows Up / Windows Down test. From the windows down, he recorded the air quality index 105 – considered "unhealthy for sensitive groups". From windows, AQI was 2, or "good".

"Thanks Tesla!" he finished with a tweet.

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Others prayed Tech magnates to save experts.

Tweeted Andre Forastieri: "Just type verification."

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