Death of Saudi brothers: Police have found no evidence of a bad game, the official says


Dead dead brothers along the two Hudson River claimed that they would rather kill themselves than return to Saudi Arabia, according to the New York police, investigators learned.

Investigators have not yet found credible evidence that Rotana Farea, 22, and Tala Farea (16) have been the victim of malice, Detectives leader Dermot Shea reported on a Friday afternoon in a press conference.

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Investigators get a clearer picture of the last weeks of the two Saudi Arabs before they are dead on the Hudson River.

According to the credit card records inspected by the New York Police Station, two months ago, Rotana Farea (22) and Tala Farea (16) arrived in New York from Philadelphia to Washington.

More than a week after their bodies were discovered, investigators had so far little response to the fact that the sisters, together with August 24, in Fairfax, Virginia, died together with their feet and their waist, York Upper West Side.

Tala Farea, 16, and Rotana Farea, 22, were found dead last week.

It is unclear what kind of transport has been used by sisters and individual urban time frames, a New York police spokesman said. Investigators in Midtown Manhattan are clinking for the observations and testimonies of witnesses to compile their whereabouts.

And this was not the first time the nursing disappeared. In December, they reported missing one day, Fairfax County Police said.

Tara Gerhard, a spokeswoman for the Fairfax class, says nurses refer to "services," but could not determine what kind of services and no further details refer to privacy laws.

The nurses were both Saudi citizens and their royal consul general in contact with their family and appointed a lawyer for the investigation.

Investigators suspect suicide

Until now, investigators have found nothing to indicate the victims of malicious victims, according to a law enforcement officer who turned to CNN in terms of anonymity.

They found water in the lungs of the nurses, the official said, meaning they were probably alive when they entered the river. The police said earlier that their bodies did not show trauma.

While investigators believe their deaths are suicide, the official claims to investigate the circumstances surrounding them.

The New York police are not ready to identify the causes of death. Authorities are investigating whether deaths have been caused by suicide, homicide, or accidents, said Phil Walzak, Deputy Commissioner for Information, New York Police.

Do sisters ask for asylum?

Saudi officials are examining whether asylum seekers seek US asylum in the United States, a Saudi official told CNN.

Officers of the Department of Homeland Security rejected their comments and asked questions about the New York police.

The New York Times earlier this week reported that in Washington, the Saudi Embassy called Rotana and Tala's mother to inform her that her daughters seek asylum in the United States.

New York police chief Dermot Shea said on Wednesday that the detectives in Virginia interviewed members of the immediate family to "what happened in the lives of the two young ladies."

"We've made a lot of progress to gather the pieces of the puzzle and find out what's happening," he said.

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