Celtics "Danny Ainge breaks Terry Rozier's trade rumors: The Boston Spokesperson confirms that it is truly" happy "


It seems that Terry Rozier's trade talks do not even exist.

In a few hours after the vote, when he said that Rozier was disappointed by the lack of time to play and that at least seven groups were interested in trading for a young client, President Boston Celtics and CEO Danny Ainge quickly turned off the outside noise.

During a show at Boston's radio show Toucher and Rich on Thursday morning, Ainge said that Rozier was not unlucky and "did not respond to play." He also said that no team asked about the Boston Shooter.

Rozier supported Ainge's claim by claiming he was happy in Boston, via Brian Robb of Boston Sports Journal, that he does not know where these rumors come from.

Shams Charania of The Athletic explained why Celtics would find it difficult to keep Rozier in the long run, especially if Kyrie Irving paid this summer.

"Celtics chose Rozier far beyond the place where everyone expected them to be 16th in the draft in 2015," wrote Charania. "They collected a pick. But for Irving's full five-year maximum contract, it would be difficult to match the potential $ 16 to $ 20 million (or more) of the Rozier offer sheet."

Celtics had a rocky start of the 2018-1919 season, but they are third in the 6-4 record. They have a 26-ranked offense in the league and a unit that ranks 18th in the rhythm. It would not be a shock if Boston got rid of things. When you agree that Celtics will seek to re-enter Irving in 2019 and that they will not have the space to repeat the signing of a security point, such as Rozier, on an agreement worth $ 16M- $ 20M, why this would be shocking in order to Rozier was concerned that something would be received in exchange for him, if he could?

Listen, we all know that Ainga is the master of the games. It's a boy who will do everything to make his team better, and if that means something speaks publicly, which is contrary to the real truth, he would do it in a heartbeat. Look what he did with Isaiah Thomas. Ainge is always a step ahead of the game and he knows that if he confuses this rumor, he reaches two things: he keeps distractions from Celtics and thus increases Rozier's commercial value.

Celtics could have run Rozier well. Ultimately, Irving is slower, and Boston for the first time attempts to establish a top Eastern Conference with this current nucleus. It does not hurt to have a depth, and Rozier just does it. However, Ainge also knows how to negotiate and gain value from the boys before their contracts expire.

Do not be surprised if Rozier finally moves.

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