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Bachelorette Hannah Brown discussed how her Christianity was & # 39; Against you during & # 39; people say all & # 39;


In this episode "Tell All" from yesterday night, Bachelorette Hannah Brown explained that her deep initial connection with controversial contestant Luke Parker is partly born of the fact that both parties identify as Christians.

"It was one of our first conversations, and I wanted a man of God who had the same values," she told host Chris Harrison.

Hannah Brown | John Fleenor / ABC via Getty Images
Hannah Brown | John Fleenor / ABC via Getty Images

But Brown said further that on the way she felt that Parker had used his faith to check her.

“Then we were virtually thrown away. Finally, I was threatened by the shared faith we have. Unfortunately, the people who believe the same thing I do do this many times, using the same words and the same things that we believe to call out specific things and poke, "she said.

Brown says that her version of Christianity is completely different from that of the parkers.

The foundation of what I believe is love and loving others and understanding and not shaming. His love was contributed if I did the things he wanted me to do, as he thought a woman should do, not an unconditional love, ”she said.

Christianity, Sex and Shame on the Bachelorette & # 39;

Harrison asked Brown if Packer felt you were ashamed of their fancy suit day.

“Well yes. Luke is really obsessed with sex and fancy sweets about sex, so I'll just tell everyone my sex life. Honestly, I was sitting around like that Ha, with that, I will have sex in the fancy sweets? No, I didn't. That's not something planned, it's not something that was anyone anyone was business to know, and it wasn't your business to ask me, "she said, pointing to Parker.

Parker replied:

"Didn't you tell me you never said," You shouldn't judge me about fancy suites, because I won't use it for sex? "

I didn't say that. Fancy sweets aren't used for sex, look. You have not had one, so you may not know, but fancy suites are not used for sex, "brown shot back.

Brown says she will not be left with any other partner as a parker. She was done.

"Now I'm like I will not understand this because it is not love, this is not what the person with whom I want to spend the rest of my life with will always feel me. I am so ashamed and I feel like it does not make me a woman of faith because really my Tosh, I live my life and make mistakes and sin every single day and so do you, and so do you, and do it, And so do you. That is what grace is for. I also will not say that we have sex in a windmill just like the scarlet letter on my chest. I will not stand here and feel so. You won't make me feel that way, "she said to the preoccupations of the predominantly female audience.

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