Alicia Milano calls for & # 39; sex strike & # 39; In response to Georgia's anti-abortion law, it is brutally mocked


Taking a cue from the literature of ancient Greece, actress and political activist Alyssa Milano called a "sex strike" Friday in response to the "heartbeat" bill that Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp recently signed into law.

The new law is in the state of pregnancy for six weeks. Georgia is one of several states in the last few weeks that has passed legislation for beating doctors for pregnancy, when a heartbeat can be detected, which is approximately 6 weeks.

Critics of this kind have argued that many women do not discover that they are pregnant for six weeks.

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The entertainment industry in particular has been wrestling over the Georgia law because many films and television shows are made in the state due to its widely popular tax incentives. And while some in Hollywood are calling on a boycott from Georgia, Milan is called for a booklet of sex.

"Our reproductive rights are erased. Until women have legal control over our own bodies, we just can't risk pregnancy," Milano tweeted. "Don't take me sex, until we get badly autonomy." I'm calling for a sex drive.

The idea is far from new. In ancient Greece, the dramatist, Aristophanen, wrote "Lisistrata", in which the title character persuaded other women to deny their husbands' sex until they ended a war. Recently, director Spike Lee's 2015 film, "Chi-Raq," transferred the same idea to modern-day Chicago and gang violence.

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Milan is able to support Garnider from other Twitterists, many using "#Lististrata 2019."

But others have struggled to make money, and have pleaded that such abstinence would probably be held by Vice President Mike Pens.

Here are some samples from both sides:

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