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ABC has finalized its post-Conners Midseason game design, announcing that these Roosevelt Spinoff will hand his Tuesday-off place American Housewife Beginning February 5. The Canadians Is sliced ​​to wrap its inaugural 11-episode time on January 22.

The network also confirms that it added an additional episode American Housewife'S current Time order.

Meanwhile, ABC's long-gestating Goldbergs Spinoff Schooled Will take over American HousewifeIt's Wednesday-at 8:30 pm time slot start 9 January. It will, of course, follow The Goldbergs (Which is at 8:00 am stinging).

In 1990, she was a Focus of William Penn Academy, led by new music teacher and WP graduate Lainei Lewis (AJ Mitchalka), Major Glaskot (Theme Meadows), Coach Miller (Bryan Kalden) and "Young, Intuitive Super-Turner "Charlie Brown (Jane the VirginDish board).

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