What Does and Doesn't Mean about the Fortnight Season 9 changes


Empty statements of angered criticism do not help. Let's take a serious look at the time 9 changes and discuss what and why.

We believe that over-archiving statements of opposition to the season 9 changes are not considered valid criticisms. In order to be constructive, you must provide reasoning along with hypothesis.

While some influencers have taken a flaming scum. Route to discuss Season 9, leave & # 39; try to do better than we discuss the changes.

We'll break down changes in two main categories: & # 39; what's right? & # 39; And & # 39; what's wrong? & # 39 ;. Inside the section, you will find special items such as the Pump Shotgun Welding, Sleep Streams and others.

What is right with the season 9 changes?

Pump shotgun removal … sort of

This one may have been much better with other changes …

Before you jump into the comments to repeat TFU's or Poach's words, let us explain our thinking here.

The pump shotgun, By Epic Games, Made 26% of all kills gunned by Fortnite. Obviously, there is something skydud with the stats as Fortnite includes dozens of guns and things.

So, removing the pump shotgun makes sense of a data perspective. We would still argue that nourishing it would have been a better move. Especially since the Combat Shotgun is included in our & # 39; which is incorrect & # 39; Section.

No one weapon should contribute such a massive percentage to the overall kill rate, but Epik did not look at the source of the problem. Pumps allowed players to quickly & # 39; one-shot & # 39; Players, who shortened fights against players who do not rent.

While building is a core part of Fortnite, it shouldn't be the only part that matters. In addition, the mechanic should always be confrontable. While the removal of the pumps is sensing for gun weight, the epic failed to look at the lengths caused by passive buyers. Who seek to avoid gunfights for extended periods of turbo building.

Sound Fixes Part 1

Recently, we can hear people right behind us …

While the 9 o'clock patch did not fix every health issue in Fortnite, it was a long way from the last season's patch 8.

Pickaxes sounds can now be heard clearly when enemies try to break your pictures. This has a minor effect on casual games, but will greatly benefit competitive players. Imagine not being able to hear an enemy break the wall behind you in a hectic 40-man end-game …

These changes are minor, but the implementation is solid and Epic Games have a long list of upgrades for the road 9. Some of these will arrive with the V 9.1 patch.

New Neo Tilted and Mega Milling

Neo Tilt came into being with 9am

New locations can be difficult to spike and the new Neo tilting is a massive addition to the game world. Mega time also brings a great new look to retail rowing.

Aesthetically, the epic art team did a great job with the new versions of these locations. They are visually pleasing and give a sense of the & # 39; future. & # 39; We love them.

More importantly, they give good incentives for players to land. Lots of loads of ridden deaths, many of which lead to a variety of skill sets, and the similarity of old layouts gives long-term players an advantage.

While it's natural to feel & # 39; sad & # 39; About the old tilted being gone, don't let Noustaljia cloud your judgment. True, take a look at the new locations and embrace the plan. We believe they were among the epic tiny implementation of new areas.

Tactical shotgun buff

It's nice to have you back, old friend

The tactical shotgun was a key part of Fortnite's rise to success. Both pump and tactile used to use, but for a long time, this is not the case.

The pump should not be near the range of monopoly. The tactical shotgun brings a more gorilla, in-and-out style play to Fortnite.

The gun to the shotgun does not overpower the weapon, but rather gives it just enough punch to kill enemies. The shotgun uses fast, timed blasts to break separate enemies as opposed to the one pot potential.

What was wrong with Season 9 changes?

Kombat shotgun

But what?

Epik decided to choose the pump shotgun instead of removing it. Everything, that's their game, but that would require changes to building speeds to allow players more opportunities for kills … or not?

Epic, instead of taking the route of nourishing building (a change demanded by many professional and casual players to help slow down action), they decided to add a new shotgun.

Initially, I did not think this is a terrible idea, but the implementation is questionable.

We will say a good thing about it. The tighter spread would have been a great way to & # 39; Narrow & # 39; The pump by making players hit a smaller area for single shots.

But what is the point of aiming for the head when you can just as quickly kill them by spamming the new Kombat shotgun? It's quicker than the tactile shotgun, and offers higher damage and an unacceptably long range.

Shotguns are excellent at close range, but the Kombat shotgun can be badly damaged for AR / SMG ranges. What? Why Epic?

In addition, the Kombat shotgun does not have the same one-shot potential as the pump. This leads to very long fights against players which simply do not want to gunfight … in a shooter game. A more logical approach would be to narrow the pump a little along with Turbo Building changes (or removal as some pros want) and / or other building changes.

Mobility – Sleepstreams, balers, vents

Rotational skill gaps have decreased even further

Rotations make up a huge part of the skill lips in battle royal games. While other aspects can be tricky, rotations are based on the player's ability to pass the map in a smart way.

The more mobility epic added in Fortnite, the less skill the rotations take. There is a nice balance between fun and skill, but we would argue that something that takes skill is also fun.

Some forms of mobility in Fortnite's past did not over-simplify rotations. The quad cleaner or the shopping cart. Both of the vehicles move fairly slowly and put players at risk while giving them a chance at faster rotations.

Season 8 balers are a disaster for rotational skill and allow quick escapes even if the player was a novice in battle royal. Although the vehicle's power has helped a little, it has been widening in time to allow for rotational speed increases in our opinion.

Therefore, epic decided to further defeat the point of learning rotations by applying the slipstream system. They allow players to travel from action to fight extremely quickly and worsen the third-party & # 39; Problem. This is when players enter existing fights for easy killing (Siphoning helped with this …).

The slipstream system might be great, but Epic was overboard with the & # 39; ease of use & # 39; Again. Players can fly out at any angle and scatter their glider even without redeplay in their inventory. The river can also be a volcano if the angle is right. Epic doesn't seem to delight about rotational skill at this point.

Fortnite World Cup support

Fortnight World Cup
Are Competitive Players A Joke To You, Epic? -Via Epic Games

As our final theme, we must discuss the Fortnite World Cup and Epic's remained neglected of competitive norms.

Many Epic's philosophies work well to break the shape of the gaming industry, but their ESPS plans aren't between them.

Competitive, in its most essential form, simply means "beautiful." Not & # 39; anti-casual, & # 39; Just beautiful. All players generally want a beautiful and straightforward playing field against other players and that is why professional players have been called.

Gameplay weight is a difficult art and Epic's decisions can be conducted in one direction or another, but competitive fortnite should remain stable.

That is why it was great to see Epik Games declare that all life servers would be delayed for Arena and World Cup modes. From here on, the patches will arrive in the heart of the first mode.

This would allow any problem to be exposed as favorite issues, bugs, etc. The patch could contain all the usual changes and the competitive scene would only be affected in 2-3 weeks. New Mechanics and Avoid Flick Victories.

Calling Duty may have other problems, but at least they delay patches – by Activision

Many other games do this as a matter of course. League of Legends, Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty, and Rainbow Six Siege all delay their patches for the competitive side. Why Epic doesn't do that is truly a mystery.

In addition, they provided a & # 39; feature & # 39; What most consider a bug. The feature in questions is one where Duo Arena / World Cup shows are not counted if one player disconnects before the game begins.

A Finnish duo would have qualified for the World Cup, but a slick one-player stay back in the lobby. The other player cluttered himself and got enough points for World Cup finals, but Epik didn't count the points.

Justification? It is also unfair for the players playing alone against the duos. Are you confused? Yeah, well, we're off when they released the statement last week.

What do you think of time 9 so far? Answer without thinking about what your favorite influencer said (or what we said here). Give us your own raw view of the changes based on your own gameplay.

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