Sir David Attenborough: Time has run out of our planet Science | News


Scientists believe that the Earth has become unstable, with rapid climate change and massive extinctions all over the world.

Measures such as the Paris Agreement on Climate Change have been adopted to save the planet, and experts believe that this may not be enough if mankind continues to thrive.

By 2050, the world's population should reach nearly 10 billion people, and many scientists believe that this will be the main point of humanity.

Ocean temperatures also increase, causing ice droplets to melt and raise sea levels.

As it stands, sea levels rise due to ice melting at about 8 mm per year, otherwise, if this does not seem to be large, the consequences for future generations could be huge.

Between 1993 and 2014 sea levels increased by 66 mm – or approximately 3 mm per year.

If it continues at the current level or faster, it could mean that coastal cities, such as New York, would sink to the end of the century.

But the British icon and well-known naturalist Sir David Attenborough believes that it is still time to save the planet, and humanity must now and collectively work.

Sir David said: "For the first time in 12,000 years, we have to face an unstable and unpredictable planet, exactly when we are setting the greatest demands for it.

"We can still stabilize our planet again, but it does not take much time. It will require significant global cooperation on issues such as population growth, climate change and the management of our oceans.

"We will have to deal with difficult issues, such as meat consumption and the use of new technologies.

"For success, we will need most people on Earth to understand the challenges and see the value of action.

"It's a communication challenge and not a scientific one."

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