Rishi Sunak hint evening 22:00 for bars and restaurants in England will be scrapped after lockdown

Rishi Sunak hinted that the quarrel evening 22:00 for bars and restaurants in England will be scrapped when the country returns to regional restrictions after lockdown in just two weeks.

After harsh criticism from scientists on the effectiveness of the measure that was introduced along tiered restrictions, the chancellor said that this is “definitely something we look at”.

Reports have suggested that Boris Johnson is expected to say on Monday that while final orders must be called to 22:00, people will be given an extra hour to finish their food and drink with opening hours extended to 23:00.

Asked on BBC’s Andrew Marr Program whether the past would “go”, Mr Sunak replied: “It’s definitely something we’re looking at. One of the things we’re been able to do as we learn is get data, see what works and see where we can improve Things.

“I think it’s fair to say when we introduced the curve that was common in many other countries around the world, but as we’ve learned more, there are opportunities for us to look and refine things, and that’s one of the things. On our list. ”

But the prime minister also opposes the prospect of a conservative rebellion over his plans, as the Covid Recovery Group (CRG), led by former whip Mark Harper and former Brexit minister Steve Becker, opposes the measure.

On Saturday the CRG warned that they “can not support” a tired approach unless the government produces evidence to show measures “will save more lives than they cost”.

The warning against the measures that caused “huge health and economic costs” came in a letter to the prime minister, which the group signed 70 Conservative MPs and 14 colleagues, although the group’s leaders were the only signatories.

However, if Labor decides to support the government, or even abstain from the measures next week, the Prime Minister’s proposals will be set to purge the Commons.

Downing Street will hope that this Christmas, potential vaccines on the horizon and new scientific evidence will reduce the scale of a rebellion, with the government’s Scientific Advisory Group on Emergencies (SAGA) expected to publish papers on Monday stating that the previous strata Are not strong enough.

But in the CRG letter it was stated: “We can not live under such a series of damages closing and apparently arbitrary restrictions, and expect our constituents to be grateful for the allow themselves to enjoy the holiday season, only have they imposed Strict restrictions after which they health problems and ruin their livelihood. “

In reply Mr Sunak told Sophie Ridge on Sky News Sunday It is “very difficult to be precise” about the economic impacts of individual restrictions.

He added: “What you will see next week when we will hand over the spending, along with this will be a set of forecasts from the Office for Budget Responsibility … which will show the huge strain and pressure our economy is experiencing, the “Job losses that you mention, the forecasts of what will happen, and it is right that we consider those in the round as we consider the best way to fight against the virus.”

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